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Face of Neo-Nazi rally LSE student ‘regrets’ going and is ‘sorry’ for his actions

He is at the LSE for a ‘new start’

Last week, The London Tab confirmed that Peter Cytanovic, who infamously became the face of the 2017 Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' protests, was a masters student at the London School of Economics.

Peter has now released a comment to The London Tab, through the LSE press office, saying that he "regrets attending the Charlottesville rally" and that he has come "to LSE for a new start."

His apology came the same day LSE students held a protest against white nationalism.

Protestors demanded that LSE instate "more rigorous process for applicants" to prevent admission of "white nationalists, white supremacists and Nazis" in the future.

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Peter became notorious after the photograph of him holding a torch and screaming, at the Unite the Right march in Charlottesville became synonymous with the violent protests.

Thirty people where injured at the Charlottesville protests last year when 'Unite the Right' marchers clashed with counter-protesters.

One counter-protester, Heather Heyers, died after she was run over by a white supremacist who drove into a crowd of counter-protestors.

When The London Tab revealed last week that Peter, who also uses the surname Cvjetanovic, was a student at the LSE he did not comment but instead referred us to contact the LSE international communications department.

However he has now issued a full statement saying that he "deeply regrets attending the Charlottesville rally and the things [he] did and said at the time."

He goes on to say that he has "reflected deeply on [his] actions" and that sees that he "made mistakes "and is "sorry for the hurt" that he caused.

"I've reflected deeply on my actions and I know that I made mistakes, I am sorry for the hurt that I caused. I do not hold those views now. I have come to LSE for a new start."

After the Charlottesville rally Peter initially identified himself as a "white nationalist" in two separate interviews , he later backtracked saying that his words had been his "biggest mistake".

Peter released his statement the same day that LSE students held a protest against "white nationalism, white supremacy and nazism."

LSE students organised the protest after learning that Peter was studying for a Masters at the university.

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A poster used at the student protest

The protesters read out an open letter addressed the Directorate with a list of demands included asking that LSE to issue a "statement renouncing Cvjetanovic's belief's and actions" as well as developing a "more rigorous process for applicants (to prevent the admission of) white nationalists, white supremacists and Nazis".

LSE has not commented on the protestors demands nor elaborated on their previous comments which stated that they did not "discuss details of individual students".