Meet the UCLU Women’s Water Polo team ready to make waves at Varsity

They’re determined to claim back their title from King’s

With a wins to loss ratio of 7:3, the UCL Women’s Water Polo team has had a successful year. Starting out the season with veterans and new players alike, the team has rallied together to become a unified force; one to be reckoned with. With a strong offence and defence, as well as a killer team spirit, this group of ladies is pumped and ready to take on their biggest rival this weekend.

The excitement and energy at this match will surely make you ‘feel the buzz’. You can catch the team in action on Sunday, February 12th at 7:30pm at York Hall, but in the meantime, here’s what you should know about the team that’s making waves…

Dharitri Amarasekera, 22, BSc Statistics and Economics

When mother captain Dhara isn’t dishing out her motivational speeches, or Sri Lankan brownies, she’s got her A-game on as our expert pit attack. Her cheeky backhander will catch everyone by surprise. Dhara puts her all into every Water Polo game and on top of being in final year, coordinating all our matches, our cheese and wine nights and the infamous tours to Stonehenge/Toulouse, she ensures that at all times that we all ‘feel the buzz’.

Izzi Rafferty, 20, MBBS Medicine 

Izzi, (also known universally as the one-and-only Sharon), may be quiet whilst she’s shouting for the ball, but once she’s got it she’ll be sure to whip out an absolute screamer! If Izzi isn’t in the library studying, she’ll most definitely be found on the luminous floors of Loop representing UCL Water Polo as our super Social Sec. This Sunday will be her third year facing off King’s in Varsity – but don’t you worry she’s still got 3 years to go of her degree, so you’ll see much more of her.

Georgie Pople, 20, BASc Arts and Sciences

Georgie’s (South Afri)CAN do attitude brings enthusiasm and determination to the whole squad. A recent ankle injury sustained whilst walking along the streets of London has caused the team to worry whether Georgie will be on form on Sunday… but apparently a full recovery has been made. Although she obviously lacks coordination whilst on land, have no fear as this does not translate to the pool. Her super-speedy drive, followed by smooth top corner shots will make her opponents weep for days.

Scarlett Quinn-Savory, 19, MSci Earth Sciences

If she’s not sprinting away from opponents and scoring unbelievable goals, you’ll find this Earth Scientist doing what she does best; raiding shops to fulfil her ‘apatite’ for chocolate. It’s hard to decide what’s better; Scarlett’s perfect winged-eyeliner, or her outstanding displays as our number 1 right wing. This Little Miss Chatterbox will be sure to break down the pool on Sunday, as easily as she will your heart.

Hansy Shore, 21, BA Classics

Hansy’s lob shots are certainly something to behold.. It’s worth coming along on Sunday night just to see her befuddle the King’s keeper with her gravity-defying goals. When not making a scene on stage with UCLU Drama Soc, Hansy will no doubt be getting a different crowd going with her silky skills in the pool. As a previous Women’s Captain, and as a final year student, Hansy will be entering into this year’s game all guns a-blazing to bring back our title.

Jia Mei Tristodianto-Lee, 19, BSc Urban Planning

Although Jia Mei has been known to struggle cutting brownies into equal portions, luckily for her there’s only 4 quarters to a Waterpolo game. Jia Mei is an incredibly solid and committed pit defence and once she’s saved the goal at our end, she’ll inevitably grab the ball, skin a few players, and perfectly execute a dynamite shot at the opposite goal. After a hectic thirty two minute match, she will then contentedly go back to her cat obsession and meme collection.

Claire Zhang, 19, BSc Business and Political Economy

Having escaped the drought back home in Cali, Claire is in her comfort zone in the pool. Some say Claire spends more time on planes than at training, with her making mid-week trips to Italy, France, Spain or anywhere else her adventures takes her. Claire’s strength and power in defence will be sure to astound the crowd, and make sure you’re on the look out for a cheeky corner shot from the half-way line.

Jenna Crosbie, 20, MBBS Medicine

As our newbie from the Isle of Wight, Jenna is ready to put her sea-swimming prowess into action. You’ll see this ‘Jenna-of-all-trades’ out securing tight transfers and speedy shots on Sunday. Watch out, because although this one floats like a butterfly, (or sometimes doesn’t), she stings like a ‘Cros-bee’.

Frankie Bügg, 22, MBBS Medicine

If your girl looks like this, she’s probably a keeper. Although she’s only recently taken on the position in the pool, Frankie’s no stranger to the goal, having played goalkeeper for RUMS Hockey since starting at UCL. Frankie’s keeping technique may be novel, but she will be sure to put her limbs and life on the line to stop any goal on Sunday… Plus she should be suitably warmed up, having played her Hockey Varsity match the previous evening.

Louise, 24, Architecture and Anthropology

Louise spent many a year as part of UCLU Scuba & Surf societies, but she has finally seen the light and moved into the ultimate watersport of… Water Polo. Don’t let Louise’s constant smile lull you into a false sense of security though; she’s as relentless as anyone once you get her into the pool. Always prepared with a bottle of wine in her kit bag, she’ll be sure to get the post-game party going. If only there were a Varsity for fancy dress…

Kerrie Stambler, 22, MSc Sustainable Urban Planning

Affectionately known as strawberry, this is Kerrie’s first (and last) year on the team. Kerrie’s years as a synchronised swimmer have set her up with an egg-beater kick to beat all. Her presence may be rare at practices, but when she’s not playing Water Polo or is in class, our resident Canadian can be found drinking wine and watching Ice Hockey.

Christina McDermott, 20, BA English

Christina may be new to Water Polo, but she’s no stranger to the pool, since she has been swimming all her life. This up-and-coming novice is surely one to watch this year. Known to many as the female Michael Phelps, Christina holds the fastest 400m individual medley time at her previous University. Plus rumour has it, if you blink, she’ll be at the other end of the pool – you’d better watch out.

Rachel McComish, 20, Biochemical Engineering

Last but not least Rachel, our left driver, seems to live up to Irish expectations by having a minimum of 2 drinks in her hand every Wednesday at Sports Night. Don’t be deceived, because this one will be scoring goals left, right, and centre on Sunday. Being the David Attenborough of Snapchat, the Queen of Loop and lob shots, she’s ready to show King’s who’s really boss at Varsity.

Women’s Water Polo Varsity takes place on Sunday 12th of March at York Hall (E2), at 7:30pm – you can get tickets here. The Women’s match starts at 9pm.