IoE land-grab means UCL is now 2nd richest uni in Britain

Thousands of new students gain access to buckling Bloomsbury campus

Last night UCL became the second richest university in Britain by merging with the Institute of Education – but 8,000 students now have access to all campus facilities.

Greedy UCL has gobbled up thousands of new students

Greedy UCL has gobbled up many thousands of IoE students

The deal was arranged by uni bosses earlier this year and boosts UCL’s annual income to an extraordinary £1.1 billion, overtaking Oxford as the second wealthiest university in Britain.

From today almost 10,000 staff and students from the IoE will gain immediate access to UCL study space, campus cafes and libraries.

The merger has srparked fears of overcrowding on campus for some: panicking Medicine students have already tried to restrict access to departmental space in preparation for exam time.

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The Quad will be crammed with pedagogic boffins

Alex Campbell-Harris, a fresher studying Spanish and Portuguese, says: “The merger is a joke, classic UCL shamelessly chasing the golden dollar at our expense.

Our university is already overcrowded, we don’t need thousands more students”.

Aanya Singh, a 2nd year Geography student, said: “Queues for the Print Room cafe are extraordinarily long as it is.”


Billionaire ballers UCL were slumming it at 3rd place only yesterday

The merger is backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson and makes UCL-IoE the biggest university in the capital, with a whopping 35,000 students.
No job losses are expected as part of the lucrative merger.