Icco Blind Date: Ben and Rhea

He nabbed her last slice of mushroom pizza

Ben and Rhea, who was fifteen minutes late, dined at Icco yesterday in the first of our blind date series.

Was there any heat on this frosty Friday afternoon? We caught up with both parties to get the full post-mortem.

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The body language says it all



Rhea is a 3rd year from Holland Park studying Classics


What’s your perfect date?

My perfect lunch time date would be a healthy vegetarian lunch at Planet Organic followed by a stroll through Regent’s Park.

What were your expectations going into this?

I had an impression that he was a bit dopey -a bit neither here nor there, to be honest.

What was he like?

Ben actually had fairly decent chat. He was moderately decent looking and averagely dressed.

I expected the whole scenario to be a bit awkward and weird, which is how I tend to get when with someone else who is, well, a bit awkward and weird.

But Ben made me feel very comfortable and the conversation flowed.

What did you talk about?

We talked about big world problems, like the Israel-Palestine conflict. Our mutual peace-loving cluelessness and naïvety was refreshing and definitely broke the ice.

He did start to annoy me a bit with his constant use of obscure regional accents in normal conversation, but his joker impression was on point and he made me giggle which is always nice.

We were enjoying each other’s conversation at the end of the meal so grabbed a drink at the Fitzroy Tavern, where I learned that we also both love animals.

Any awkward moments?

Nothing awkward, although he did take my last slice of mushroom pizza.

I remember meanwhile that he talked about being circumcised at one point, which was kind of odd.

Good table manners?

He took my last piece of mushroom pizza.

Did you share a kiss at the end?

He left me with the words of wisdom that ‘you know you’ve enjoyed someone’s’ company when you can’t remember what you’ve talked out, because you’re not really thinking about what you’re saying’.

That was kind of true, but no, there was no kiss.

Would you go again?

No prospect of a second date…we shared a slightly awkward hug good bye.

Overall mark: 5/10

Ben is a 2nd year from Watford studying Philosophy and Italian 

Munster 1

What’s your perfect date?

It’s all about the person I’m going out with, not the place. I once took two girls to Carluccio’s in Hampstead Heath and had a rubbish time. I’d probably have an amazing time in a Costcutters if I could go with someone mega fit like Fiona Bruce.

What were your expectations going into this?

I’m not that good with women, even my grandma so I was worried it’d be awkward. I was worried I’d get stressed and sneeze on her or something.

What was she like?

She was cool…she even let me finish her pizza, which in hindsight I wish I hadn’t done, as it probably made me look like some kind of gluttonous psychopath.

What did you talk about?

We covered it all really – animals, films, love, morality. I tried to talk about Judaism but she didn’t care, which was completely understandable.

Any awkward moments?

I didn’t say anything racist. I wasn’t creepy, I didn’t start hyperventilating, I didn’t sweat, I didn’t get a nosebleed, I didn’t have dandruff.

My teeth were clean, my chat was sharp and my jokes killed it. So no, there were no awkward moments.

I was on impeccable form. Except for when I ate her last slice of pizza.

Good table manners?


Did you share a kiss at the end?

Does that happen on dates? I wouldn’t have known how to do that.

Would you go again?

Probably not, we got on well but I don’t think we’re soul mates or anything, so there wouldn’t be much point.

Overall marks: 6/10