Nightlife pioneer brings Freshers Icebreaker to Tiger Tiger

Anyone caught not having fun will be shot

A long time has passed since Frankie Knuckles at Chicago’s Warehouse, New Order at Manchester’s Hacienda, and Larry Levan at New York’s Paradise Garage entered the hall of fame for internationally renowned nights out.

And finally the successor to these giants of good vibes has arrived: The London Big Freshers Icebreaker.

The UK’s biggest fresher night has entered its fifth year and heralds a heady mix of “Cheese and a SHIT LOAD OF FRESHERS BOOM.”

Icebreaker 8

Billed as not just a night out but a “rite of passage between life as you know it and university”, Icebreaker lays the claim to “over 100,000 hangovers, 500,000 empty drinks and…uh… a lot of smooching.”

Icebreaker 3

Icebreaker organiser Nathan Reed explained the imagination behind his groundbreaking event.

He said: “The ethos of Icebreaker is its broad appeal. It’s fun for people who don’t even like going out.

“We keep it fun and visual and tactile, you know, really well-rounded. Things like glow paint and face painting.”

Icebreaker 4

The 26-year-old nightlife pioneer added: “We just want a big crazy night out, that’s what it’s all about. It is quite raucous. We have DJs and hype men to get people jumping around and having a good time.

“We don’t want people standing around pretending to look cool for a few hours. We want them getting stuck in and getting a bit wild.”

Icebreaker 6

Nathan was keen to point out in spite of the energy at Icebreaker it’s “a very down to earth experience.”

He said: “The content can be fun and silly and tongue in cheek, that helps it to be more relaxed.”

Responding to claims that he belongs in the International hall of fame for nightlife legends, Nathan said: “I’m not sure about that mate.”

Icebreaker 12

Event ticketing site Fatsoma has called Icebreaker “the biggest student night in the UK.”

Nathan said: “My vision is for this night to become the freshers’ tradition.”

Buy the final tickets for Tiger Tiger here and find out about other Icebreaker events here.