Scenes From The Front Line

It was picket o’clock today in uni…..for a bit

| UPDATED day off pay staff strikes unions

While you were tucked up in bed, slurping cup-a-soup and catching up on Made in Chelsea, some students were out and about, tackling financial inequality head-on, through the medium of placards, flyers and marches. Unless you were brave enough to cross the picket lines (you scab), here’s what you missed:

Stuff goin’ down near Tavistock square. Who buys a white car?

You shall not pass! Unless you want to.

Can’t tell if protestor or just confused





AS IS PURPLE. In fact most colours are acceptable

One of them quietly said ‘don’t go in’. But I did. I totally did.

Located near that dodgy ‘unofficial picket’

At this one they were loudly playing Avicii, otherwise known as the music of the revolution



Pretty soon after lunch however, everyone checked out and UCL was left with the aftermath:




The horror.