Man with Loudspeaker Tells Students in McDonald’s to Stop Eating ‘Cow Anus’

Mr. Shine badgered late night junk food eaters about the dangers of capitalism

mcdonalds Mr. Shine Warren Street


Mr Shine, 46, at Oxford Circus

Mr Shine, 46, at Oxford Circus


Chaos unfolded last Saturday night at McDonalds, Warren St. as anarchist activist Danny Shine engaged the restaurant’s management and local police in a form of art and protest known as ‘agit prop’.

Shine, currently embroiled in a court case with Westminster Council for agitating Oxford Circus commuters with his interpretation of ‘the meaning of life’, entered the restaurant at 12.10am.

Using a loudspeaker he provoked customers for half an hour, explaining they were supporting the ‘global corporation’s capitalist exploits’ and eating ‘McDonalds food which contains cow anus’ – all to the dismay of staff.

Security arrived to the scene shortly thereafter, but the on duty officer was out of his depth and unable to remove Shine who was well versed in the legal implications of his anarchist, anti-capitalist polemic.


Want anus with that?

Want anus with that?


‘Who owns this? Who owns this?’, he repeatedly badgered the security guard and manager, both hesitant to physically remove Shine. Customers and some staff looked on in amusement as the duo submitted to Shine’s witty – and piercingly loud – remarks.

Law states that only ‘reasonable force’ may be used to remove some one from private property – and that the police cannot assist in doing so. Confusion ensued as management took to addressing the protester through its central sound system and turning its lights off.

Two local police officers arrived shortly, however. Mr Shine engaged with them initially but soon said they were being ‘aggressive’ and engaged in meditation – refusing to converse with them for minutes.

The game was soon up for Mr Shine, who is currently facing a £500 fine for violating a Westminster City bylaw, as McDonalds security consulted police and proceeded to drag his dead weight out by the arm.

Shine remained calm and continued to protest outside for twenty minutes, warning against consumerism and the content of McDonalds’ food.

At 1.20am, furious residents demanded his departure. Before peddling away on his bike, Shine told LondonTab he ‘hadn’t done this shift in a while’ before and ‘better get home’ as his wife and children would be ‘very embarrassed’ .

We can’t imagine why.