London Graduates Rake In The Cash

You could be rolling in it as a London graduate – especially if you study at LSE

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A recent survey shows that London’s graduates are some of the country’s top earners.

According to a study by Lloyds, LSE alumni are the highest-earning graduates in the country, with an average starting salary of £27,388.

We’re gonna be rich!

King’s College London, City University and Queen Mary also featured highly in the list, and their graduates can expect to earn an average of around £25,000 just six months after leaving university.

Other graduates don’t fare so well, however. While the national average graduate salary is £21,000, students from Cardiff Metropolitan University have a comparably low income of just £17,118 to look forward to.

Many students won’t be rolling in it right away, though; according to The Telegraph, one in ten students were left unemployed after graduating last summer.

Looking at it won't help, trust us, we've tried.

Looking at it won’t help, trust us, we’ve tried.


An editor of the Good University Guide said the huge gap between the highest and lowest graduate salaries showed the importance of a university’s role in helping its graduates into work.

“With the typical degree now costing £27,000 in tuition fees alone, students have a right to be better prepared for the battleground that is the graduate jobs market,” explained Alastair McCall.

According to The Times Good University Guide, UCL graduates pocket an average salary of £25,543.