Boot, Baked and Bubble (tea) Sale!

Food and vintage clothes. What more could you want?

After our extensive coverage of the Freedom Fashion Show 2013, The Tab brings you yet another exciting event which combines elements of charity and fashion. The Boot, Baked and Bubble (tea) Sale, organised by UCL Human Rights Brigade, is a creative blend of sartorial and culinary delights to not only get you through the last week of term, but also to get the twenty-three member committee to Panama. No worries, you will not be sponsoring an exotic holiday for a bunch of public schooled kids – they are going the rural communities of Panama Este and the Darien Province of Panama in order to engage in pro-bono work and to help the locals overcome legal obstacles through educational workshops and free consulting services. And I am not even sure they have all been public schooled.

A few of the vintage treasures which will be waiting for you at the sale.

So, what is in it for you? You get to browse an extensive selection of vintage and preloved clothes. “It was hard to part with some of the clothes, because we do not intend to sell things we wouldn’t wear ourselves,” discloses Caspar Bartscherer, one of the organisers of the event. Whilst treasure hunting through the piles of fabric, you might stumble upon a pair of navy blue Fred Perry trousers which his father sported in 80s Paris during his time at university, or a stylish Lacoste sweater from the 70s bought in the US. If you are into unique jewellery, you will also be pleased to find a selection of Maryam Hasanah’s beautiful handmade earrings, which she sells in her Etsy store called Hootlumps.

Hootlumps peafowl earrings

If you are more interested in what goes into your body than what you can put onto it, you will be pleased to hear that there will also be many ways in which you can satisfy your cravings. (Did that sound like a huge innuendo or am I just tired?) When asked about the delicious treats on offer, Nathan Kably – another organiser of the event – charmed me with a barrage of baked goods so wide that my insulin levels almost shot through the roof.


The organisers are waiting for you with suitcases full of clothes…

The Boot sale, sponsored by Cuppacha, will take place tomorrow, 20th March, from 12 to 4pm in South Cloisters. Entry is free, so there is no reason for you not to go. Beautiful clothes and jewellery as well as delicious brownies, rice treats, cupcakes, muffins and bubble tea will all be there – will you?


Cuppacha, the sponsor