UCL smash KCL Medics

UCL 65 KCL 15


UCL Women’s Rugby smashed KCL Medics 65-15 in one of their toughest matches this season

After the bitter cold, thunderous storm, snow blizzard and drowning in puddles after training, (all valid reasons for cancelling games) UCL Women’s Rugby were excited to play their first game since November. However, their game was against KCL Medics who are one of the competitive teams in the League.

UCL started the game on a strong foot with an early blitz of tries; scoring 4 and 2 conversions within minutes after kick off. However, as KCL Medics were an equally experienced side, they did come back into the game using their larger forwards to attack UCL physically. A couple of mistimed tackles from UCL came as a repercussion as it allowed the Medics to score 2 tries from a persistent wave of attacking making the score 24-10.

However, UCL made a few tactical substitutions, all of whom made an incredible impact and drove them ever further to victory as more tries were made just before half-time making the half-time score 34-10 UCL.

With a thirst to get more tries and enthusiasm driving them forward, UCL began the second half as the stronger side, scoring a few more quick tries after some superb running from the backs. KCL Medics however, did not rest and responded with a try of their own (with a failed conversion). Despite a great effort from the Medics, the lack of substitutions and UCL’s superior fitness allowed us to take full control of the game and finish the match with a flourish of tries.

The forwards, notoriously known for their lack of pace and fitness, were proved wrong by Anthea Taderera who made an electrifying sprint from the half line to score under the posts. The game was wrapped up nicely with the final score UCL 65-15 KCL Medics.With only a few more games left this season, the older players were determined to leave a mark and make their last few games memorable.

1st half scorers:
Eleanor Tresize: 1
Katy Mackey: 1
Caroline Dubois: 1
Jess Gregory: 3
Conversions: Jess Gregory: 1 and Faith Anderson: 1

2nd half scorers:
Jess Gregory: 2
Katy Mackey: 1
Lucy Fellows: 1
Anthea Taderera: 1
Conversions: Faith Anderson: 3

Man of the Match: Anthea Taderera- for a great performance
Wanker: Nosheen Kiyani