Jailbreak 2013: The Results

Where did they end up?


Were you avidly refreshing The Tab on the weekend keeping up to date with Jailbreak antics? It was an intense and immensely successful one for UCLU RAG, as the teams made lifelong friendships with Turkish lorry drivers, casually blagged a few free flights and got naked on trains (ahem, team Failbreak).

So what were the final results? You’ve heard the rumours, but here’s the definitive, and impressive, list of where all the Jailbreak teams found themselves by Sunday evening 9pm.

The Top Seven

7th place: The Bee Trio – Nice, 1033km

6th place: Team Die Hard – Genoa, 1038km

5th place: Antonio and Yasmin – Barcelona, 1143km

4th place: B Cubed – Florence, 1214km

3rd place: Looking for Oz – Vienna, 1238km

2nd place: There & Back Again – Warsaw, 1452km

1st place: Team Morph – New York City, 5588km

Where the rest ended up

Po and the Poach – Calais

CK – Calais

The Green Peas – Amsterdam

Leo & Hannah – Amsterdam

The Kieran Mckeown’s – Paris

LADS on tour – Paris

Prash + HM – Berlin

The 2 Machas – Frankfurt

The Puckleberries Reloaded – London

Cunning Stunts – London

Cherie & Lema – Milan

Yat – Lille

Marco Yolo – Le Havre

Escape the Zoo – Stuttgart

Amy & Hannah – Stuttgart

Teak Trotski – Brussels

Our Tab Team, Failbreak, lived up to their name, ending up in…London. At least our Sports Editor, Joe Jackson, got a TFL guy to hold a Tab T-shirt.

A really impressive effort from all of this year’s participants, and Team Morph, you will forever go down in Jailbreak history. And of course, the biggest congratulations goes to the RAG committee for organising the best Jailbreak yet and raising £7175.64 for World Child Cancer.