‘Radical’ Chessum romps home

Self styled “radical candidate” Michael Chessum wins ULU presidency on 1% turnout.


The race for the position of ULU President concluded tonight with self described ‘radical candidate’ Michael Chessum coming out on top.

Chessum won with 770 votes, beating his nearest competitor Will Hall, who sat on 513 votes after four rounds of voting.

However just 1% of the possible electorate voted, raising questions about student interest in ULU politics.

Chessum told The Tab: “Running a ULU election is by far and away the most difficult and tiring campaign I have run…I am extremely happy to have won, and I hope that when I run the campaigns next year that the turnout will be higher.”

The legitimacy of Chessum’s election has been questioned by fellow candidate Will Hall however, who lodged a formal complaint with ULU about Chessum’s failure to complete his university certification form, a mandatory document.

Hall said: “We stand by the fact that Michael was not a legitimate candidate. He did not have the correct nomination forms at the time of nomination, and we have made a complaint and will probably pursue it to higher levels.”

In response to the complaint, Chessum added: “I think that the complaint is essentially trivial…the tribunal met and ruled that I am a candidate…it was a piece of paperwork that had some ambiguous wording on it and I don’t think that should ever override the democratic will of the few people who have voted.”