Think it’s fair to pay £40 to hear a bunch of nobodies? Think UCL deserves better?

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With tickets starting at £40, I wonder why UCLU thinks it can rip-off cash strapped students in the least exciting Summerball to date.

The lack of thought put into this year’s Summer Ball is truly startling. First, the theme is a complete re-hash of the past two years. You can be sure that no effort has gone into it. Shall we do something different this year? Nah…. Something vaguely 1950’s themed? Check. The tone of the promotion is also frankly insulting. Why do UCLU feel the need to mention ‘multiple bars’ as a unique selling point at a student summer ball? State the fucking obvious.

Talking about stating the obvious, what about the line-up? UCL should expect big things considering we live in one of the most musically exciting cities in the world. Oh shit… you’ve booked ‘Edith Bowman’, who’s now so irrelevant she’s been moved to a graveyard Tuesday evening slot. Hang on a second; didn’t you book a boring Radio One DJ last year as well? "Fear not!" I hear Stuart Janes, the UCL (full time paid) events manager cry, ‘I’ve booked mega-star Jakey-B!’… Jakey who? Even google can’t find him. Throw us a bone Stuart! Maybe ‘Nick Woods’ can rescue this piss-poor lineup? No, because the internet tells us he’s still at music college and his current release has less than a thousand hits on youtube. I’m starting to get the feeling this is an elaborate joke.

So, lets do a few quick calculations. Two thousand students paying forty quid makes £80,000 and that’s without profits from the bar!! UCLU are you taking the piss? Stuart, what are you doing with all this money? You're not booking quality talent, that's for sure.

I have also learnt that Stuart Janes has been booking nobodies for a while. The past two years have seen DJ Phil Drumond who got a #3 record in 1993 get flown over from Thailand at great cost to play at the UCL Summer Ball. The majority of students were toddlers when that was released.

Do you think it’s fair to pay £40 to hear Jakey B? Think UCL deserves better?
Let Stuart and UCLU Know.

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