Revealed: G7 was going to be G10

An anonymous email has revealed the ‘G7’ conspiracy is larger than first thought.


After The Buzz reported on Friday that a ‘G7’ of Union societies was attempting to stretch its supposed power over the UCL student body, we can exclusively reveal that the plot has very much thickened.

From an anonymous source, The Buzz has come to possess the formative email of the organisation that clearly states the creation was originally of a ‘G10’ group, rather than the ‘G7’ previously seen on the Facebook group. We can only assume they forgot to friend request Berlusconi.

Again referencing their ‘huge outreach and influence on popular opinion on campus’, this political machine is larger in scope than we had dared to imagine.

Seemingly led by Hannes Ansorg, the most power hungry Economics and Finance Society President to ever walk through UCL’s halls, and supported by other ‘powerful’ groups, this organization could, by now, be shrouded in more darkness than the corner room at Moonies.

In our last article, we described an effort on the G10’s part to manipulate the election for the Presidency of the Conservative Society. Though unsure as to whether this is the extent of their ambitions, which would be quite sad, or if it’s more of a case of Gower Street then the World, what is clear is that the formation of a secret, underground group to try and exert influence demonstrates a clear lack of perspective of what university is meant to be about.

Important questions remain unanswered. Which are the other three societies? Are they deluded in thinking that it is their duty to ‘make positive change happen’? Have they, God forbid, taken a leaf out of the real G8’s book and got the Canadians involved?

Do THEY know where Joseph Kony is?

Anxious to provide answers, if only so we can go to our first Bunga Bunga party, The Buzz is on the case…