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Dear Daisy, I recently had a fling with a guy at UCL, but things ended rather sourly. Now I keep seeing him around campus and I don’t know how to act…

Agony Aunt Dear Daisy

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Dear Daisy,

I recently had a fling with a guy at UCL, but things ended rather sourly. Now I keep seeing him around campus and I don’t know how to act. My coping mechanism thus far is either to run away or hide behind my friends, and I’ve been running into the girls’ loos so often people probably think I’m incontinent. I know I didn’t actually do anything wrong but I’m still seriously embarrassed, how do I handle this?

Dear Sheepish,

Many folk around the UCL campus have been in your exact position. University is undoubtedly the time where people end up discovering their inner sexual demon. However, if you genuinely did nothing wrong and it was him that acted like an utter douchebag, you should have no shame. Next time you see him, hold your head up high and smile politely- show him you’re way too cool to care. Admittedly it’s easier said than done, so perhaps baby steps: for now wear shades around campus to help cultivate that air of nonchalance.

Dear Daisy,

All of my friends have been chatting for ages about who they’re going to move in with in the next academic year. I’m a first year so I have to move out of halls but no one’s actually said to me ‘do you want to live with me?’ Should I just start looking for accommodation for me and when do I need to start doing this? Help!

Dear Lone Ranger,

Are you entirely sure that these people are your good ‘friends’?? I hate to sound cruel but if these people were really close to you wouldn’t they have feigned some sort of interest as to your living arrangements next year? The way I see it, you have 3 options. One- look for accommodation for one, but this can often end up being far more expensive as you’re the only one paying bills and utilities etc. Two- Ask your friends directly whether you can be accommodated into their living arrangements or three- find new friends. Regarding actually looking for accommodation, the more people you live with, the earlier you have to start getting on with it in London. Avoid the last minute student rush that happens every September that estate agent’s love because they can charge you through the roof for a property that’s the size of a grotty kennel that you wouldn’t even want your darling Fido inhabiting. I would say July/August is a good shout- good luck and happy hunting!

Dear Daisy,

I slept with a guy recently but he has made no effort to contact me since! Does he like me or did he use me? Is there anything I can do to find out?

Dear Typical Female,

There are empirical things to consider in a situation like this, such as how long ago was it? If it was yesterday: why are you writing to me already, calm yourself woman, if you act this desperate then it’s not surprising he hasn’t called. If it’s been two weeks and you haven’t heard a dickybird then the chances are that ‘he’s just not that into you’. Anything in the mid-range of these two options and it’s very hard to tell. As to finding out, my dear sometimes ignorance really is bliss and leaving your love destiny down to the universe may really be the best option. If you’re positively champing at the bit and just HAVE to know, maybe get a good friend to do some SUBTLE digging, although I cannot put enough emphasis on the word SUBTLE, subtle also implying sober. But do remember that boys are a different species anyway. It may be best staying off them altogether or not actually sleeping with one till you know for sure he actually likes you. Harsh, but true.