Without a Leg to Strand On

Kings makes the top 10 in Britain for exam cheats.


Everyone at UCL knows that Strand Poly students might lack the ability to hit the academic heights that are common at UCL. However what we might not have suspected is the length’s some of their students will go to to try.

A freedom of information request disclosed earlier this week shows that King’s had the 6th highest number of misconduct cases brought against students for cheating in exams and coursework- standing at a whopping 150.

UCL meanwhile was outside the top twenty on 0. That’s right, KCL have infinitely more misconduct cases than we do and, lets face it, that’s not a statistic that can make up for the Varsity scoreline.

In addition Strand Poly was top of the list for students expelled over the past 3 years, with 44 given the boot for serious academic misconduct. That’s over a third of the total figure of expulsion for the top twenty offending universities.

But lets not be too hard on our neighbours on the Strand. Just 5 places below them in 11th was the LSE with 57 misconduct cases. And if we bring the Golden Triangle universities in we find Oxford in 14th with 26 cases and Cambridge in 19th with 1.

Meanwhile we can relax in the knowledge that our rivals are resorting to all manner of desperate measures to keep up with us. It seems we “Godless Scum of Gower Street” have proved we don't need divine intervention.