Trouble at SSEES?

Complaints from members sees a fracture on the SSEES committee arise.


Disputes in the SSEES Committee have come to a head in the past week, with an internal division between committee members and the President beginning to take shape.

An unnamed member exclusively told The Buzz that he was dissatisfied with the manner in which the committee was being run, that it was not convening regularly enough and that there had been a widespread failure to organise events in the first term.

This same member said some of his peers had not fulfilled their obligations and cited broken election promises on the part of President and SSEES Officer Calum Bardsley as a cause for concern. 

Another committee representative, who wished to remain anonymous, countered: “I think Calum is doing a perfectly good job and people need to get off his back. He’s been very committed over the past nine months.”

Furthermore, through an exclusive first hand advance on his official reply, we can reveal that Head Officer Calum Bardsley feels the criticism coming his way is unjustified. He referenced the “biggest pub crawl SSEES has ever organized, a resounding success with over 160 people coming along to meet fellow first year students” and the “sold out boat party which had over 150 in attendance with demand for tickets beyond the capacity” as evidence of the committee’s productivity.

Moreover, Calum asserted that the original allegation was unfounded and unsubstantiated and reminded his fellow SSEES students that the committee was not run by full-time sabbatical officers and that many were giving up their free time to provide an efficient service.

How will these tensions be resolved? Is a Cold War brewing at SSEES? Where exactly is SSEES? The Buzz will endeavour to bring you answers to all these questions over the coming weeks.