TikTok’s PandaGirl is hosting a meet and greet in Smithdown ASDA!

And the tickets are a proper bargain

Liverpool TikTok star, PandaGirl, has confirmed she will host a socially-distanced meet and greet in ASDA on Smithdown Road next week, and the tickets are completely free.

PandaGirl, who uses TikTok under the name Pandagirl.94, rose to fame by regularly recording her meals and describing them as “proper nice” and a “proper bargain” whilst spreading her love for burgers and chips across the platform.

Although PandaGirl has already revealed her face to fans, her birth name remains unknown- this is finally the chance for fans to get to know the human behind the golden content.

PandaGirl told The Tab Liverpool: “I am really excited to meet my fans and hopefully find some proper nice bargains with them.

“Meet and greets are the best way to get to know your audience, and I cannot think of anywhere else I’d rather meet them than in Smithdown ASDA.”

PandaGirl admits she was initially apprehensive towards holding a meet and greet in ASDA but claims she hopes this will increase sales of her £5 personal birthday messages.

Joseph Kerr, a final-year History student at UoL, told The Tab how excited he is for the chance to meet PandaGirl: “I genuinely never thought something like this would actually happen. Whenever I go to ASDA I imagine bumping into her, but I won’t need to imagine that for much longer.

“Every time I sit down to eat a meal, a voice inside me says ‘proper nice, proper bargain’. PandaGirl has well and truly changed my life for the better, and words cannot express how excited I am to meet my idol and ask her ‘yoalright gurl?’. I think only true PandaGirl fans will get that.”

Attendees are advised to wear masks and maintain a safe distance from peers to abide by governmental guidelines. You’ll be expected to queue outside ASDA for your timeslot, so organisers recommend bringing water.

For more information about where you can get tickets for the event, you should probably check the date. Happy April Fool’s!

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