Who is Pandagirl.94 on TikTok and why is she obsessed with bargains?

‘Five-pound chicken burger and chips!’

If you’ve been on TikTok a lot recently, you’ll be familiar with a certain individual who goes around scaring people by blurting heavily scouse phrases at various consumer items, exclaiming what an absolute “bargain” they are. Whether it’s her viral “chicken burger and chips” hit or her more recent tendency to simply hurl strange comments at passers-by about what’s in their baskets, she is a complete mystery. We are of course, talking about Pandagirl.94.

What’s strange is that nobody seems to have ever seen her face. Seriously, who is Pandagirl.94? Why does she go around finding bargains and harassing people in shops? And WHY is Pandagirl.94 called Pandagirl.94? Well, we put our investigative hats on to get to the bottom of the enigma that is Pandagirl.94. Here’s what we found.

What do we know about Pandagirl.94 so far?

Before we go full investigation mode, let’s sort out what we already know. She’s obviously from Liverpool as is obvious from her thick accent. She is currently on a break from her main account, uploading on a backup called @hypegrow.94. She is 26 years old, as shown from her bio as well as, you know, the 94 in her username.

And that’s about it. A quick perusal of her Instagram and other socials does not help in the slightest, as they’re just full of videos of her hands holding food and various BARGAINS, with not a human face in sight. That is, aside from these lucky fans that SOMEHOW recognised her:

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Thanks soo much for all the love guys

A post shared by Panda Girl (@pandagirl.94) on Sep 21, 2020 at 9:11am PDT

So, who is Pandagirl.94?

Well, the best place to look appears to be the various fan accounts that have been made to celebrate her backlog of work. Looking through her mentions, several accounts such as @barghinpanda and @panda_girl_fanx came up, and the photos seemed to point towards one particular young woman as the face behind the panda:

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Goodbye Pandagirl, we’re gonna miss you xxx

A post shared by ChicKHen (@barghinpanda) on Sep 24, 2020 at 1:06pm PDT

It’s fair to say that people in the comments are pretty shook that this is the person that produced such a voice, but with a bit of googling it turns out that she did a whole FACE REVEAL, both on TikTok live and on her Instagram.

Both have since been deleted, but thankfully they live through the various screenshots and recordings that mischievous fans have made. The below tweet from September (we’re clearly up to date on this breaking news) shows her original Instagram post where she showed her face:

Mad, however, this could be anyone, right? Wrong, for a recent reupload of Pandagirl.94 attempting to speak with a Scottish accent was uploaded to YouTube in October, so it’s 100 per cent confirmed that it’s her. Not only is her Scottish accent woeful, but the whole thing is just a massive brainfuck for people that thought she would look so completely different:

It’s uncertain when her main account is set to return, but it seems for now she’s focussing on chasing the bag through @hypegrow.94 with various promotional videos of other peoples’ accounts. Good for you, Pandagirl.

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