Liverpool is just ‘days away’ from a two-week circuit-breaker local lockdown

And the mayor is calling to ban alcohol sales after 9 pm

Liverpool is reportedly ‘days away’ from introducing a two-week lockdown to tackle the rapidly increasing number of cases in the area.

The two-week lock-down is being called “circuit-breaker”. This circuit-breaker would consist of shutting pubs and restaurants for two weeks and introducing a ban on buying alcohol after 9 pm to lower the flow of people leaving venues and heading to off-licenses and shops to buy more alcohol.

Joe Anderson, the Mayor of Liverpool, said that it is ‘only a matter of time’ before stricter lockdown measures are forced in Liverpool.

The Mayor also said he supports the calls for a 9 pm total ban on alcohol sales. He told The Times: ‘I would welcome that because often the events that we’ve seen — where people go back to houses — are often spontaneous, so I think it would help.

‘It’s a measure that could help but we need a much bigger strategic solution. The virus is spreading at a rapid rate in Liverpool.’


Anderson then told The Telegraph how he reckons this lockdown can help us prepare for ‘normality’ over Christmas: ‘For me, it is only a matter of time because the virus isn’t able to be controlled in the city with the restrictions we have now.

‘We need a circuit-breaker or stricter lockdown to try to stop the virus spreading.

‘If we can have the severest measures of lockdown now, we may arrest the increase and start to bring it down by the end of October, so that in the lead up to Christmas we can get some normality.’


This is all in response to the 1,303 new Covid cases in Liverpool last week, which is a 577 increase from the week before.

The government has revealed they are keeping a ‘close eye’ on Liverpool due to the ‘concerning’ increase in cases.

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