We asked the students of Liverpool for their opinions on PM Boris Johnson

Let’s be honest, most students hate him

With the upcoming election, we thought it’d be good to ask the students of Liverpool their opinions on the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

With over 100 responses, we got many different and interesting opinions on BoJo.

To set the scene of the general feel towards the PM, a fifth of opinions included the c-word. Can you guess that these opinions on Boris were made by students?!

Interesting responses included:

‘Massive c*** really.’

‘Biggest prick in the country and that’s saying something.’

‘Absolute prick x’


‘Will do absolutely nothing for the north.’

‘He’s a clown.’

‘Racist, homophobic, xenophobic, pompous Tory c***.’

‘Prestigious prick who hates the poor.’

Well, this does reflect the fact that poverty has increased under the Tory government. Figures show that 35 per cent of children in the UK live in poverty

‘Invertebrate jellie.’

After calling a Biomed pal, it has been confirmed that yes this person is suggesting that the person who runs our country doesn't have a backbone. If the PM is all over the place, like 'jellie', or people think he's like an animal, that's pretty worrying.


‘A dangerous liar who represents who represents everything wrong with our country.’

‘The only person on earth who’s face I’d happily spit on.’

‘Willing to let poor people starve while he’s off playing tennis and being really bad at it.’

‘He’s a twat, not fit for PM at all, legit only cares about rich people.’

‘Tory twat.’

‘He’s a shithead x’

A lovely person has written that, the kiss on the end really does add something to this response.

‘Just want him to stay PM cause of the meme material.’



The variants of 'twat':

‘Grade A twat’ / ‘Massive twat’ / ‘Fucking twat.’


‘Doesn’t care about the people of Liverpool and never will.’


Well that is a new one.

‘Lord Voldemort.’

‘Selfish shithead who is derogatory & hair is as bad as his politics.’


‘Stupid blonde wafer.’

‘He’s a tit (to clarify a manky tit. Not a cute one.)’

Not the nicest of images.

‘British Donald Trump. Shithead who makes derogatory, sexist and homophobic comments.’

Again, the facts are out there

‘He’s a twat who just wants to lick Trump’s boots and sell the NHS to the higher bidder.’

‘Wanker’ / ‘Wanker man.’

‘Privileged and selfish.’

‘Disgusting comments about Hillsborough and the people of Liverpool. Knocks me sick.’

‘Lying misogynistic, racist bastard.’

‘Doesn’t care about anything other than power and his popularity.’

‘Horrible, disgusting waste of space!!!!’

‘Had no right to be anywhere near office.’

‘A racist, classist individual who should not be running the country.’

‘Concerned for his safety if he ever visited the pool.’

It really would be a waste of his time wouldn't it?

‘I would rather let a cannibal go down on me than vote for BJ.’

A SERIOUSLY strong view about Boris.

‘He’s a charismatic, egotistical twat.’

‘He’s a turnip.’

Only a tenth of the responses were positive, or somewhat positive, towards the Tory PM

But yeah, you couldn’t really consider some of them to be ‘supporters’ or Tories, as they admit they think he’s just ‘the better option’ compared to Corbyn. One goes as far to say that Boris Johnson is a ‘million times better’ than the other options.

Whilst there are a great amount of insults towards Boris Johnson, there are some young Tories confidently roaming about the city of the ‘Lefties’.

A SMALL handful of students have referred to him as:

‘A good chap!’

‘Underrated! Better than HJ.’

‘Bloody brilliant, fuck the socialists.’

Again, the use of ‘bloody’, followed by ‘brilliant’ indicates your generic posh Tory supporter.

‘Top man gonna do the business.’

‘Had no complaints.’

Surely even a Tory could list at least one complaint about the PM.

Are we surprised by these opinions? No, but we must say it has provided for some entertainment, but also some genuine fears for the country.

If you've enjoyed listening to student views on Boris, head over to The Liverpool Tab's Instagram to let us know your opinions on Jeremy Corbyn (We can already hear the students screaming 'Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn.')