The five best makeup items you can buy in Liverpool

The Holy Grail items you never thought you needed

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Need to know the best beauty items to purchase now that your student loan has FINALLY come in?

We've made a list of our favourite makeup staples that are available to purchase in Liverpool. Here are some top picks if you want your makeup to look the best in lectures and Level:

1. Concealer

Wondering where to get a really good concealer that'll help you get rid of your dark under-eyes in time for your next 9am lecture? Well look no further, this 'Fenty – Pro Filter' concealer will ensure that your eyes will look glowy as ever. In fact, no one will even notice that you'll be hungover from the night before – it's just that good. It'll cost you £19, but when you think about how much you'll use it, this is a decent deal.

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You can get this in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One

2. Eyeshadow

Now, when you're thinking about the best eyeshadow brands, there should be one that sticks out in your mind. We're talking about the one and only Morphe. Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and creamy that you'll love to use their palettes. This particular palette comes with so many different colours and they are so versatile. Morphe do a wide range of palettes; from colourful to neutral, so there's plenty to choose from. We've picked out the Jeffree Star palette which retails for £35, but other 'Morphe' palettes with more eyeshadows in the palette retail for £24. So, if you don't want to worry about breaking the bank, they might be a better option.

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G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. You can get this in the newly opened 'Morphe' store in Liverpool One.

3. Mascara

Now that you've done your eyeshadow and your concealer, all you need to complete your eyes is a tube of mascara. You want people to compliment you on your lashes, so you need them to look as long as possible, whilst also being full of volume. We love the Too-Faced 'Better Than Sex' mascara because it massively lengthens your lashes as well as thickening them up a bit. The mascara is £19.00, but you can get the mini version for £12.

You can get this at the TOO FACED store in Liverpool One or Boots

4. Highlighter

An oldie but a goldie, we love the MAC 'Mineralise Skin Finishes'. These will make you more illuminated than the Junkyard Golf UV lights. They cost £26.50, but for the amount of highlighter you get, you won't need to buy another one for a good while. You can get these in the Mac section of Harvey Nichols, located in Liverpool One.

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You can get this in the 'Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar' in Liverpool One

5. Makeup Setting Spray

We know the struggle, you want your makeup to stay on through your Monday night antics at The Raz, Tuesday night Skint and Wednesday night Level. We've got you covered for the small price of only £7! Can I get a "hell yeah"? Say "goodbye" to looking like a horrible drunken mess, and hello to this 'Mattifying Setting Spray' by NYX. This spray will keep your makeup intact through all of of your drunken DMCs (leading to numerous tears) and regrettable vomming. Trust us, it works wonders.

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You can get this in Boots in Liverpool City Centre

If you're fretting about spending the majority of your student loan on makeup, don't worry. Most of these items you can get once and they will last until your next student loan, or a bit longer depending on how much you use them. But if you want to look your best at the club or even in lectures, splurging out on a bit of makeup every once in a while won't break the bank too much… and even if it does, treat yo' self.