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Locals have said students are turning Smithdown Road into ‘the Magaluf Strip’

Residents are apparently being kept up by students having sex in the street

Smithdown locals have said students are turning the area into the "Magaluf strip".

This is after residents claimed they are being kept up at night by screaming, chanting, vomiting and even students having sex on the street.

One resident said: "If you've got to get up for work but you're woken up at five o'clock in the morning to screams and shouting and vomiting, you just can't function." The resident also claimed they regularly see students openly having sex on the street.

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The resident claimed the problem is so bad that, "even the fear of being woken up makes it difficult to sleep."

These complaints come after announcements that a new Bargain Booze could be opening on Smithdown Road, near Archbishop Blanch School.

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Residents and local councillors have raised concerns, claiming this will increase the already visible anti-social behaviour on Smithdown.

Residents have been objecting plans for the new Bargain Booze, with the Picton councillor for the Labour party, Paul Kenyon, claiming the cheap alcohol store will be "impacting on the already prominent issues of street drinking", in an area where there are already a large number of places to get cheap alcohol.

The application for the new Bargain Booze store will be reviewed on Thursday 6th of December.