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Here’s all the things you can do in Liverpool during your reading week

A whole week off? Yes please

Week Seven is fast approaching, so instead of doing the work you've been putting off all semester, here are some better things to fill your time on those days off.

Take a trip to the Baltic Market

What better way to kick off your week than a trip to Baltic Market? With its outdoor markets full of mouth watering food, from halloumi fries to Oreo cookie dough brownies, alongside the Peaky Blinders Bar, there's so much food to eat and alcohol to drink. You'll come out in a food coma and extremely bevvied!

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Gin + pulled pork fries = perf combo

Go to the top of the Radio City Tower

Take your student ID with you and pay just a fiver to see all across Liverpool at the top of the Radio City Tower. You can see everything, from the Wirral to Anfield; the sights are endless. And the view provides a pretty good pic for the 'gram.

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Visit the Cat Cafe

Having recently opened its doors, the cat cafe is a great place to relax and unwind. What better way to de-stress from the inevitable deadlines coming up than being able to play and cuddle sixteen adorable cats and kittens whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and a scone!

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Book yourself on the Beatles Tour

Are you even a Liverpool student if you haven't visited all the famous Beatles locations though? Well if you haven't, book yourself on one of those buses that takes you to Penny Lane, the Beatles' childhood homes and Strawberry Fields, whilst playing all the Beatles songs on the way. You might even see Paul McCartney if you're extremely lucky.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyessssss

Take a stroll around Sefton Park

If you haven't been already, get on the 699 and take a trip to Sefton Park. Its absolutely perfect place for a cute autumnal walk. The main attraction is the Palm House, where you can go and admire all the different exotic plant species, but there's also a good size play area if you want to release your inner child.

Visit all the free museums

Educate yourself at the International Slavery Museum and the World Museum, and explore all the weird and wonderful different art displays at the Tate. And the best part is that they're all free meaning you can save your money for the sesh, hurrah.

See the Cathedrals on Hope Street

The Anglican Cathedral the only 360˚view of the city from the highest cathedral rooftop in Britain. If you take the tower tour you can even see Blackpool Tower on a clear day! Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (the one that looks like the space ship) is also a great place to explore with its amazing architecture.

AKA "Paddy's Wigwam"

Go for breakfast

There are so many cute little cafes and places to go and have breakfast, so not try one of them out. Moose Coffee on Hope Street offers a wide selection of breakfast options, from a hearty English breakfast to cure that hangover to mouthwatering waffles and pancake stacks. Or enjoy eggs Benedict or some cinnamon toast with a view of Bold Street at Leaf.

Or just enjoy the sesh

A whole week off uni means a whole week of going out and drinking, right? Why not pay a visit to The Raz for a few fat frogs and a Raz hat, or go to Faculty for those eye watering quadvods? Cava also has lots to offer with its £1 flavoured shots – from chilli to tutti fruiti – they're the ticket to getting you absolutely wrecked at a low cost.


Sesh 4 Ever