Go to Lark Lane for bevs, brunch and a bloody great time

If you haven’t already heard of it, get out from under that rock.

This bohemian street is not only a place-to-be in the day, but also in the evening when you want to down a few pints of cider and black with the lads. We're talking cafés, bars, restaurants and even snazzy little boutiques. It acts as a great alternative to trekking all the way into the city centre for a good time. The 699 can wait. Carnatic, it's in walking distance. Hell to the yeah.

Wednesday night came around, and as if we didn't already have a tonne of work to do, Laura, Alice and I decided to take a good old stroll down to Lark Lane. If you live at or have ever been to Carnatic, you'd understand that you get pretty fed up with every item of food tasting like water after a while. And lets not even mention the paper plate stage. Week 5 of uni and we're already eating dinner like its a picnic everyday? What did we do to deserve this. We decided to treat ourselves. Pizza it was.

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Lads on the town

Love & Rockets

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This place brings the best vibes. It is literally like walking into a warm hug, and then being handed a giant delicious pizza. What more could you want? The social side is lively, the bar is always buzzing and the seating is great. If you don't want to sit in the fairy-lit pub garden looking out onto Lark Lane, you can pick a seat inside either by the fire, or in a booth.

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A slice of my heart

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Pippin's Corner

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The music is great too. Classic coffee shop jams

The "scran" here is absolutely "BOSS". Seriously, if you're looking for some great food, you need to pay this place a visit. The highlight was the option of toast with toppings of your choice. I opted for avocado, sausage, mushrooms and beans and it was bloody lovely. And that was just brunch. In the evening, this snazzy corner café turns into a place of fine dining, a bit like the Carnatic dining hall on the night of the formal. The "bring your own booze" option makes getting tiddly even easier with your meal. It's "£3 corkage per bottle of wine or four bottles/cans of lager." BARGAINS AND BEVS.


This is the kind of place that you wouldn't think to go to. You'd walk past it and not even take any notice of it. Well think again! You'll walk out of this joint feeling so cultured you'll join the poetry club. In all seriousness, if you're looking for a night of jazz and the finest wine for a decent price, then check out this place. I also got a cheeky look at the food they had to offer, and it looked banging.

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"Ya like jazz?"

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Gelato Lark Lane

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for… pistachios

This place does bits. You don't cheat on your barber, and once you've tasted the pistachio ice cream, you won't cheat on your gelato shop. You'll find it hard to look at another dessert place the same. Gelato Lark Lane brings the all flavour.

So if you think you're trendy enough and fancy a night full of quirky surprises, give it a visit, it'll be a right lark.