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Which Bake Off contestant is your Liverpool halls?

Sorry, no one gets to be Noel

With the Bake Off 2018 having come to a close last night, here is the answer to the big question on everyone's minds. Is your accommodation going to make star baker or are you going home in round one?

Carnatic – Briony

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You're always up for a laugh and don't take life too seriously, even if you do get a bit emotional from time to time (when you're waiting an hour to get the 699 back from uni). You're not too bothered about your accommodation being fancy, because there's 20 people down the hall that will sit and drink in the corridor with you, which means you literally know EVERYONE. If you actually had a kitchen to bake in, you would definitely get as much alcohol in your creations as possible, because you know Prue loves a bev as much as you do. You need the booze to cope with the catering anyway.

Greenbank – Ruby

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You're popular, loud and probably a bit fitter than everyone else. You appreciate the finer things in life, but are still after a good time. You love it when someone asks which accommodation you're in, so that you can flounce how rich your daddy is, because you're quite simply better than everybody else. Like Greenbank (and Ruby) however, when you started out, you were rubbish, so don't forget where you came from.

Private Accommodation – Imelda

Do you even go here? Sorry, but no one really knows who you are.

Crown – Manon

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You're not as cool and edgy as people in the student villages, even if you dip-dye your hair pink and can speak more than one language. You've definitely been on a gap yah and jump at any chance you get to mention finding yourself in Bali, but no one's too bothered, since you're actually a sweetheart who bakes pretty cakes.

Vine – Dan

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You're a secret posho and don't give a second thought to paying for that studio apartment. You probably think you're in the best halls on campus, but in reality you're just not cool or edgy enough for Carnatic or Crown. But just like Dan, you're still pretty sound, even if you are the kind of person who will end up calling their child Constance.

Grand Central – Jon

A lot of fun, have a high chance of being Welsh and can rock a good Hawaiian shirt, especially for the socials that you always seem to be on.

Melville – Rahul

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Innocent and pure, you don't like to cause and fuss and definitely don't want to get involved in any drama. All in all your halls life is pretty PC, so just like Rahul you are easily entertained – "Oh, my god, look! Pheasants!" You definitely bake cakes to make friends, probably someone much cooler from your course, because there's bugger all else to do to be honest. We love you though.

Philharmonic – Terry

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You're fancy, just like Terry's fancy moustache. Nobody can say anything bad about you, but also are they really saying anything at all?

Dover Court – Karen

Nothing exciting happens here. You're probably a mature student who claims they still want to have fun with all the young 'uns, but really chose these halls so they could be as far away from the excitement of university life as possible. All that matters is that you can walk into uni and make it home as fast as possible for a packet of crisps and a brew.

Tudor Close – Kim-Joy

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You're quite happy not getting involved in student life, just like Kim-Joy who probably prefers the company of her kooky animal bakes to fellow humans.