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Three simple Halloween make up looks

Three quick and easy Halloween make-up looks that anyone can do

Semester One is flying by and October is already upon us. That means one thing, Halloween. Whilst it's easy enough to stroll around town looking for a new outfit or pull out last year's costume from your wardrobe, our busy student schedules mean that Halloween make-up is often overlooked. To save you your precious time, here are three simple make-up looks that are sure to get you noticed in Concert Square.

Scar Face

For those who have had absolutely no time to plan, let alone even think about piecing an outfit together, why not pair a simple outfit from your wardrobe with some easy-to-accomplish statement make-up? Follow your usual make-up routine and then get bloodied up and create some slashes and gashes in no time at all.

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Fake wounds and bloody gashes are a Halloween staple. All you need is liquid latex, some tissue and fake blood which all together costs around £5 – an ideal small investment for those of us whose loans have already mysteriously disappeared.

Adding contact lenses would create an even more dramatic look and you could experiment in various ways by creating bullet holes and bites from the same products. It looks quite hard to achieve but there are plenty of tutorials online that give you a clear guide of how to create these looks.

The Cheshire Cat

Next, if you fancy being a bit more outgoing, take a traditional Halloween look such as a cat and make it more fun by creating an Alice in Wonderland inspired look and turning yourself into the Cheshire Cat. Your friend could even go as Alice.

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All you need for this look is a colourful eye shadow palette (if you don't own one your housemate will) and some make up crayons that cost only £1.99 in most fancy dress shops, and you'll be able to create the purrrrfect colourful look and a cheesy grin. Draw on some winged eyeliner for the ultimate cat-eye finish. Oh, and don't forget the cat ears.


Finally, the classic Tinkerbell inspired look, which is perfect if you love going all out with your make-up or if you're going as a double with your friend. Using the same NYX ultimate palette used for the last look, which costs under £10, and a sprinkle of glitter, you can achieve a magical look in minutes.

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You can play around with this easy and fun look without making too much mess, but if you prefer a bit of guidance there are plenty of tutorials online that will give you a step-by-step breakdown. You could even play around with the colours to match your wings and go as a generic fairy. Either way, you get to cover yourself in glitter.

So, there are three ways to make a statement this Halloween without much effort at all, and without damaging your bank balance in the process. Pinterest and YouTube are great places to look for inspiration if you're missing it, and don't be shy to experiment.