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Four autumnal outfits for under £40

A Liverpool One autumn haul


Yet again it's autumn time in Liverpool and it's bringing with it the standard financial burdens. Those freshers impulse buys are burning a hole in your student loan and the heating is finally getting turned on so it's not getting any better. Usually your loan is gone by now and there's very little money leftover for secret santa, let alone your new-year-new-you wardrobe. However, being skint doesn't mean you have to end up wearing your freshers hoodie and legging with a hole in all year- you can still look stylish on Bold Street, even with a limited budget.

Primark in Liverpool One, the mecca of every poor student, offers a load of affordable autumnal wardrobe staples, both made for the Northern weather, and the seasonal colours you're seeing all over Instagram.

Outfit One

The first outfit features a slightly smarter look than your average SJ attire, but is ideal for helping you feel like the strong, successful future businesswoman that you are. If you've not got the balls to wear it to your 9am, it's ideal for your interview skills session at the Career Studio.

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A white blouse is a timeless staple in every girl's wardrobe. Dress it up with a suit or down with high-waisted jeans or a leather mini, this versatile piece will stay in fashion for years to come. This chiffon white blouse comes in at only £12, and will effortlessly compliment different coats and jackets depending on your style.

These mustard yellow suede flats are affordable (at only £4!), simple and practical. Easily paired with any outfit, these pumps are comfortable enough for you to walk from the Rendall Building to the Life Science Building without a blister in sight. Here, they're paired with some smart olive culottes (£10), which flatter the ankle and are perfect for this in-between autumnal weather.

Outfit 2

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The second outfit reuses most of the previous staples but replaces the culottes with a yellow tube skirt, costing a cool £10. This cotton paper bag skirt is comfortable and flattering, perfect for a sunny afternoon in Abercromby Square.

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Outfit 3

It’s never too early to prepare for Christmas, is it? This green velvet dress (£13) may give off some serious Christmas vibes, but can equally serve you well for a nice dinner out with your housemates or a cheeky Tinder date. Worn under a faux fur coat or leather jacket, this dress is the perfect staple.

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The warm velvet material means you'll never be cold in Concert Square, or on a bar crawl.

Outfit 4

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Every student knows how the academic year goes: freshers week, Halloween, Christmas (with a few deadlines thrown in). Whilst Christmas is still two assignments and a presentation away, Halloween is just around the corner! This burnt orange pumpkin jumper (£5) balances indulgence and sweetness, giving you a comfortable sartorial experience and cheering you up with some ‘pumpkin power’!

Easy to throw on as you're running to your 9am, why not grab a matching Pumpkin Spiced latte to complete the look?

So now you're sorted with the outfits, finish off your look with some on trend gold jewellery to make you look far more put-together than your mates.

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Gold medallion necklaces are a massive trend that appear everywhere at campus, from the Central Teaching Hub to the Management School. This dainty necklace (£2) has two layers, a bigger medal and a few smaller medals. Perfect for a daytime or nighttime look.