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The five typical looks you’ll see on every girl in Level

I’m the Depop queen tbh

Every Liverpool student from the feeble fresher to those in their final year can appreciate the cheesy pop that Level is so famous for. It's a classic night out choice, and on every night out you're bound to see the same girls wearing the same things:

The First Years

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We don't want to point a finger, but if you see a girl in a dress and heels in Level; she is most definitely a first year (or on a hen do). You learn quite quickly that Liverpool student nightlife does not exert "high fashion" and the majority of seasoned students will make sure that they dress up, but 99% of the time trainers are stuck on their feet.

Freshers assume they have to dress to the nines to be ready for the Level "Cool It" photography (warning: these pictures will either become your greatest ally or your worst sworn enemy). However, in reality, unless its a 21st and you've been round the posh cocktail bars beforehand, it is highly unlikely that you need to dress up, especially for Level Wednesday. If you do, chances are you'll stick out like a sore thumb hobbling around in your painful heels singing Come on Eileen on the third floor at 2am.

The Too Cool to Make an Effort

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The majority of students fall into this category. You spend about 2 hours on your hair and make up, with a denim skirt and a funky top as an essential. Then, most likely, you'll dress down the look with a jumper (to keep you warm for the trip to Harper's Pizza later, obviously) and the scruffiest trainers you have in your possession. The ideology behind this is that there is a potential to look great in drunken selfies, but the comfort allows you to bust your best dance moves without the restriction of a bodycon dress or stiletto heels.

The Depop Queen

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Every girl wants to be her. The Depop queen is the girl that seems to have the most beautifully put together outfit, with a top you envy, but you just know its not from Topshop like every other Tom, Dick and Harry's outfit in there. It stands out, and for a good reason. Alternatively, she has some form of checked "finishing flag" print cycling shorts that you, personally would look like a fool in, but somehow she pulls them off effortlessly.

The Depop queen manages to hold two double vodka oranges in her hands while dancing and doesn't spill a drop, unlike you who can't cope with one fat frog. All the boys want to be with her and all the girls want to be her, purely because she has one item of clothing that just screams originality. She exerts this fashionista quality that we all long for.

The One who thinks they're at a rave

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Girls, you aren't in Camp and Furnace now. To be fair, we all love the opportunity to stick as much glitter to our faces (and bodies) as humanly possible, wear obscure shaped glasses and a top that is so reflective it would dazzle even the most timid of males. However, this attire has to be left in the Baltic triangle (so leave your bucket hat at home hun). We can all get behind a good printed shirt or sparkly dress, but there's a time and a place, and that isn't the R&B floor of Level after a few to many Vanilla Vodka shots.

The Sports Socials

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You either love em' or you hate em'. Most sports socials are actually a laugh and most of the time end up in Level, and quite rightly so, where else could hold a group of 15 people dressed like absolute twats? Sports social attire is always questionable – you name it, some kind of sports group has dressed up as it (looking at you, rugby boys), and societies dressed as coconuts, superheroes or mermaids are a regular occurrence. Anyone in a sports social group gets given a wide berth in Level, and you might get some of the pesky "side eye" from the girls in heels and cocktail dresses.

In reality though, who actually gives a shit what you're dressed like, as long as your there with your mates and having a laugh. The classic mainstream vibe of Level allows the majority of us (even the old ones with impending dissertations, RIP) to just have a boogie, whatever your style.