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Liverpool fresher kicked policewoman and said: ‘I hope your kids have Asperger’s’ after being arrested

She’s about to start her Crimonology degree but missed the first day as she was in court

Caitlin Haston, like many other students, was due to start her Criminology course at Liverpool John Moores University this week.

However, she instead found herself in court after she was arrested for kicking a police officer and then telling her: "I hope your kids have Asperger's".

What's more, this all happened whilst she was acting as a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding.

The 19-year-old admitted to being drunk and disorderly and also to assaulting a police officer whilst in custody. She kicked the officer after being taken to the police station from the wedding venue.

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North East Wales' Magistrates' Court was told police were called to Soughton Hall in Mold, Wales, on August 25th to find an "extremely aggressive" bridesmaid.

Police were called to the venue at 1am and found Haston outside. She refused to provide the police with her name and claimed she had only had two drinks. She then refused to go to bed at the venue and was later handcuffed by officers.

According to The Times, the prosecution told the court that Haston screamed all the way to the police station and, upon arrival there, she refused to go into a cell.

She had cut her foot, and made a threat to the officer that she would kill herself. She then kicked a policewoman twice in the knee when they attempted to restrain her. She told the officer: "I hope your kids have Asperger's and I hope they fucking hate you."

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The Daily Mail reported that Caitlin's defence stated she didn't usually drink and there was no intention by her to cause injury. They claimed "she was kicking out in response to officers removing her clothing." She pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Sarah Hughes-Jones in custody at Wrexham last month.

The 19-year-old was due to start her university course yesterday, however she was instead in court. Caitlin was charged with a £150 compensation fine to the officer as well as costs of £115.

Chairwoman Deborah McKinnel told Haston: "You, from a punitive point of view, have probably punished yourself more than we can…you have a binge drinking problem."

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Haston told the Magistrates' of her remorse pleading that she was really sorry and that "alcohol got the better of me that night."

A probation officer said, referring to Haston's interest in the criminal justice system, that the likelihood she would get a job in this industry was "minimal".

The Liverpool Tab approached Liverpool John Moores University for a comment, but they declined to provide one.

We also approached Caitlin herself for a comment, but we didn't receive a response. However, Caitlin did post to her Facebook regarding the incident.

Shit that articles HEAVY and that pic is GRIM can’t deal with this ffs

Posted by Cait Haston on Monday, September 24, 2018

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