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£1bn investment plan in the pipeline for University of Liverpool over the next 15 years

Both the city centre campus and Leahurst campus in Cheshire will be improved in the development plan

City of Lights take over Sefton Park for some after dark fun

The evening event is running until Sunday

‘Quids In’ at Heebie Jeebies has a new name

They have announced that everything else will remain the same

Police cells, pulsating livers and early heart attacks: These are your best Liverpool freshers stories

How do you even get stuck on a fence?

You can get FREE Greggs in Liverpool on Wednesday

It’s part of their Festive Bake First event

How unsafe is Smithdown? We looked at the area’s crime maps

In August over 2300 crimes were reported in Liverpool

Clubber attacked at Heebie Jeebies on Thursday night

The clubber was slashed from his eyebrow to his mouth

Here’s a guide on the events in Liverpool this Halloween

Plan ahead so you don’t end up in Level again

Breaking: A man has been shot dead on Alderson Road in Smithdown

The Police have launched a murder investigation

Liverpool fresher kicked policewoman and said: ‘I hope your kids have Asperger’s’ after being arrested

She’s about to start her Crimonology degree but missed the first day as she was in court

It’s been announced that Constellations is going to close in 2019

It is expected to close for ‘residential development’

Every way to say goodbye to your friends in Liverpool

Goodbye my lover, Goodbye my friend

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so we have created a guide on all the help and support available at University of Liverpool

Here’s a guide on the services available for students

A man has died after a fatal stabbing in Liverpool city centre last night

The incident happened on Hanover Street.

Police arrive on campus after laptop theft in the SJ

Be alert and watch your items!

Every reason why it is acceptable to start acting like it is summer in Liverpool

Come on, get your legs out for the lads and lasses

Vote now: Which Liverpool student estate agent is the worst?

We have heard some bad bad stories and we know who you are

Liverpool Council have agreed to new rules which may mean the end of students living in Smithdown

Could this be the end of Smithdown as we know it?

More than 200 jobs planned to be cut at the University of Liverpool

Say bye bye to your favourite lecturer

Vote now: We rated every single venue that LOST has ventured to

Don’t lie we all want it to return to The Cellar

Forget Liverpool ONE, charity shops are the best places to shop

There ain’t no party like a thrift shop party

The do’s and the don’ts – how to survive freshers

Returning second and third year students give us the lowdown on freshers week

Rendall or the CTH: The 10 stages you go through in a lecture

Optimism, meal deals and lots and lots of napping

Studying Geography is more than colouring images of Abercromby Square

You’re talking to someone who has a ‘recession proof’ degree here