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All the things you did in Liverpool when the sun came out (for like two days)

Getting bevvied in Abercromby Square or the Library? You decide

Whether you took a trip to the beach or thought it was acceptable to sunbathe outside crown place in just your bikini, these are all the things you decided to do when the sun made an appearance for two days

You joined the sesh in Abercromby Square

After some careful thought and consideration, weighing up the pros and cons of drinking cider instead of going to the library and finishing that essay you haven't started, you decided that Abercromby Square was the best option. So you sat down with your mates and drink a six-pack of dark fruits, whilst uploading an Instagram selfie captioned "I should be in the library right now lol #summer #drinks #uni #shouldbeinlibrary #oops".

You decided to revise outside because the sun was out

Sun's out so what better way to get a tan than sunbathing whilst revising at the same time? There you are, bath towels placed on the perfect grassy spot outside of Crown Place, reading over the same three revision cards about 17 times. In reality, you just ended up lying in the sun for four hours, gossiping with your friends, achieving absolutely nothing and getting no work done whatsoever. Surely nobody else got anything done either though, right?

Carpe Diem

You took a trip to Crosby Beach

What better way to spend the day than visiting Crosby beach? You spent ages packing up a picnic, coating yourself in tanning oil and sitting there in your bikini, taking pictures of your milk bottle legs and pretending you're on holiday. You're not fooling anyone Beccy. We all know that picture was taken in Liverpool, not the Caribbean.

Catching the rays with bae

You went out for cheap cocktails

Last of your student loan in hand, you hit the town and found the best place to sip on a cocktail (or swig a pitcher that is) whilst sat, soaking up the sun. Preferably, you picked a rooftop bar so you can take a quick snapchat video to make everyone aware of how much you're enjoying the weather. Whether it was the Roxy ballroom, Oh Me Oh My or those classy two for one cocktails at Las Iguanas, you were "living your best life". You also forgot that despite the fact your sex on the beach tastes like juice, it's actually quite strong and found yourself drunkenly stumbling back to the security of the 699.

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You chilled in Sefton Park

What better way to enjoy the sun than sitting in sefton park with your mates, blasting those old R&B tunes on your little bluetooth speaker whilst cooking some aldi burgers on your cheap disposable BBQ? And the absolute heaven of discovering a Mr Whippy ice cream van, catapulting you back to your childhood days. Of course you took a trip to the palm house to admire all the flowers too.

The great outdoors

You took pictures that made you look like you were on the front of a university prospectus

You sat on the grass in the golden hour, taking candid shots of you enjoying the sun with your friends. However, the reality is, you ended up looking like you're modelling for the front of this year's university prospectus. A group of friends sat laughing in the background, sun streaming through the trees – a highly unrealistic representation of uni life if you ask me.

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UoL 2019

Or you were that one weird person who thought it was socially acceptable to sunbathe virtually naked outside central teaching hub

Us britons go a bit over the top as soon as the sun comes out. It hits 15 degrees and we're all whipping out the sun lotion, last year's shorts that barely fit and a bikini that you haven't worn since 2005. And if this year you were really feeling yourself, maybe you even bought one of those inflatable unicorns from Primark. Despite the lack of pool, you took it with you to soak up the sun and quite frankly, you look a bit of a tit.

U okay hun?

So whether you were that weirdo sat outside in his rubber dingy, or that girl on the beach who Instagrammed her milk bottle legs, you made the most out of those two days of Ibiza weather on the Mersey.

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