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All the people you’ll meet in the Sydney Jones during exam season

First years revising in the library? Enjoy first year whilst it lasts!

The one that's constantly on their phone

There's always one, who likes to update everyone else on what they're doing in the library. You see them trying to position their starbucks coffee next to the library book they've just opened so they can take a nice shot and upload it to instagram, before spending the next hour on the phone to their friend: "yeah just doing some work in the library". You realise they spend more time telling everyone on social media about the fact they're doing work than actually doing work.

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The one who has basically moved in

Why are there people every year in deadline season who take it upon themselves to use the library as their new home? They've got their blanket, toothbrush and deodorant at the ready to spend the night in the library. You'll see them wondering around with no shoes on and eventually settling down for the night one one of the sofa's on the first floor. Cosy hmm?

Sleepy time

The one who's literally having a breakdown

Printer not working? Essay not saved? Not left enough time for revision? There's always one who's sat there with their head in their hands, trying to cram everything in the night before whilst whispering to their friend every so often "I'm so gonna fail, I can't do this I'm gonna be back at the summer". They'll be slamming fists on desks, sighing deeply and breaking into tears as the stress begins to hit them like a train as they attempt to try and write 2500 words in like four hours. It will all be okay in the end though…

Breakdown alert!


There you are in your third year of uni absolutely petrified of your upcoming final exams and dissertation hand in and yet you can't get a seat in the library because it's full of first years. What are you even revising for? You have two exams at the end of May. Literally you only have to get 40% and you can retake, it's not that deep! Get outside and enjoy Liverpool – you only get one freshers year, so make the most of it!

The one who brings smelly food to the library

No time for dinner? it's alright just pop along to KFC or order a Chinese and bring it into the library, no one will mind, honestly… Yeah it's great trying to concentrate when all you can smell is greasy fried chicken and chow mein!! I'm trying to write 3,000 words and all I can think about is prawn toast! Thanks for the distraction.

Seat squabblers

Exam season means the library is overflowing, and if you get to the library anytime after 12pm you might as well go home again. If you brave the SJ after midday however, be ready to experience the drama that is seat fights – yes this does actually happen. Who got here first? Who's deadline/exam is closer? Who is more stressed? Who cares. It's a dog eat dog world in the library and people will move your belongings, log off and sit down with no cares given. Desperate times call for desperate measures eh…

Are you actually gonna use that computer or not?

The seat hog

And finally, there's always that one person who takes it upon themselves to take up a computer seat, but gets out their notebook and revising, completely unaware that there are 3950375320 other people that want to use that computer. Those seats are like gold dust, so move out of the way and make your revision cards look pretty elsewhere!!