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BREAKING: Strikes are potentially over pending a further negotiation tomorrow

Normality may resume on Wednesday 14th March

Today the UCU and the UUK have come to a temporary agreement over striking lecturers pensions in the form of a revised benefit reform proposal, which can be seen here. This follows a total of ten strike days in which protesters have picketed outside of major university buildings and have asked students not to attend their lectures in support.

The news comes at the start of the fourth week of industrial action which has heavily affected teaching time. The meeting today between the UCU and USS agrees that both parties will commit to working together to avoid disputes in the future.

A meeting between UCU and the Higher Education Committee (HEC) is to take place on Tuesday 13th March where the UUK expects industrial action to end on Wednesday until further negotiation and agreement takes place. If this is confirmed tomorrow then lectures will be back on starting from Wednesday and will bring the end to three weeks of industrial action.

The agreement today also stated that the members of the UCU that were involved with the strike have been advised to reschedule teaching in order to minimise the disruption to students education.

A lecturer at the University of Liverpool said:

"The situation is still somewhat unclear and members of the UCU still need to decide within the meeting taking place tomorrow."