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10 things to do with your Mum in Liverpool on Mother’s Day

Show the woman who gave you life the time of her life

Mother's Day is almost here, and what could possibly be better than treating your birth giver to the country’s finest city? If you haven't yet made plans for your mum's visit on Sunday, here are 10 things to do in Liverpool for Mother's Day. Whether you have money or not, there is something here for everyone

Go on a shopping spree

Don't know what to get your mum for Mothers Day? Here's the perfect solution. Take her shopping and let her choose something pretty. Liverpool One is full of Mother Day deals that you should take full advantage of.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea seems to be the thing to do on Mothers Day. You could head down to the Hilton and enjoy afternoon tea, a glass of fizz and some entertainment. Or, head to Rococo's on Lord Street for a more relaxed experience, it's tricky to find but that's half the fun!

Get your nails done

It's always nice to get pampered, and our mums do so much for us, so let her put her feet up and relax for once. You're spoilt for choice on Smithdown, you could even go to one for nails and one for toes.

Get drunk

Now that we're a little bit older we can actually do this with our mum instead of behind her back. There's nothing better than getting absolutely smashed with your mum in the middle of the day, right? Bring your friends along and show your mum an authentic uni night out. Do a shot for every hour she spent in labour with you and get to know your Mum on a different level. WARNING! You might regret it in the morning.

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Wine and dine her

Liverpool is a city full of different cuisines, it has something for everyone. Maybe you could introduce your mum to your favourite restaurants across the city – and no, that does not include taking her to Greggs or grabbing her a meal deal from Tesco because that's all you can afford. Splash out with that good ol' overdraft and take her upstairs to The Cozy Club, up Bold Street to Leaf, or down Hope Street to Ego. If you fancy the classic Sunday roast at a great price, head over to Willow Bank Tavern and see what their special Mother's Day menu has to offer.

Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle has so much to do. You could go for a drink at Baltic Social, or a coffee at Coffee and Fandisha. Take your mum to get the classic picture in front of the wings. Head to the Baltic Market and try some amazing street food.

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Get all fancy

Put on your best dress and heels, or a shirt and tie? Head down to The Smugglers Cove on Albert Docks and let your mum enjoy a complementary glass of Prosecco and chocolates.

Go to a museum

Embrace the culture and history of Liverpool and take your mum to some of the museums Liverpool has to offer us. Go to the Museum of Liverpool and learn all about the city's history. Or head to the World's Museum and discover treasures from across the globe. Look at some amazing art at the Walker Art Gallary or Tate Liverpool.

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Cook for her, or attempt to?

Your mum has cooked for you your entire childhood, maybe it's time to repay the favour and cook her a nice meal? Show her the classic student meal of pasta and garlic bread. Grab a bottle of Echo Falls and treat her like the queen that she is.

Cavern Club

Show your mum one of the places that put Liverpool on the map. The Cavern Club, home to The Beatles and truly a British treasure. Here you can enjoy great live music and a drink as you bask in the atmosphere. Rich with history, this one truly is a must if you have never been. So go and experience it for the first time with your mum.

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