A Louis Theroux club tour, We Gotta Get Theroux This, is coming to Liverpool’s Constellations


In a recent line up of club nights themed around cult British documentary figures, a Louis Theroux themed club tour is hitting Liverpool. This is following the most recent David Attenborough’s Jungle Boogie.

The club night taking place at Constellations is titled We Gotta Get Theroux This. Tickets go on sale Monday 12th March at 12pm here.

Advance tickets are £5 and advance tickets with an exclusive t-shirt are £7.

There will be visuals of favourite Theroux clips, club classics, an exclusive Louis Theroux t-shirt, and other Theroux-branded giveaways.

You can also post your favourite Louis Theroux Meme on the event Facebook page wall for your chance to win a Theroux Hamper of goods, including a Louis Theroux ‘Bae Pillow’, Brew with Theroux mug, DVD collection and face mask.

The Facebook page description is as follows:

“We all know Louis Theroux is the ultimate bae, so here at Louis Theroux Appreciation Tour HQ, we have put together a club night dedicated to the man himself!”