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I only love my Clubbers of the Week and my momma, I’m sorry

Clubbers of the Week, I even got it tatted on me

With results day looming, the only thing to do is drink to forget and wake up to regret. We present you with the best and worst of the week.

Matching squad of the week

Clearly Liverpool supporters, up the reds!

They said he could be anything, so he became a Red Stripe

Didn't fancy being a dentist or a teacher

Wonder if they kissed?

Do you think he borrows her foundation too?

The girl told me, "Take off your jacket", I said, "Babes, man's not hot"

Representing Big Shaq for days

When you realise your 9am has been cancelled due to strikes

Happy days

When your ex walks in with the girl you shagged last night

Fuck, someone get him out of here

Creeper of the week

When you spot him…

Private school boys take on Juicy

C'mon guys, suits and ties in the Shipping Forecast?

All of these girls but he's still missing you

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He's looking into your soul, be careful

When you're that desperate for a job you'll try anything

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When you just about blend in, but not quite well enough

Beeeeend and snap

Elle Woods would be proud

Calm down lads, do you want your ma to see you swearing on clubbers of the week?

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