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Every type of guy you’ll meet on a night out in Liverpool

And where you will find them…

The Mummy's Boy

The mummy’s boy can usually be found hanging around concert square, most likely in Levels with a blue WKD in hand. He will almost always be wearing jeans and a checked shirt over a white tee (making sure he doesn't catch a cold), sometimes mixing it up with a polo shirt. You can tell him apart by his Paco Rabanne One Million cologne, which you can smell from a mile away. This guy definitely had to call his mum the first time he did his own laundry or cooked a hearty pasta bake.

The "Your Place or Mine" Kinda Guy

You'll find this guy in Baa Bar's with his double-vodka coke in hand and eyes scanning the dance floor for an easy shag. You could compare these guys to a dog on heat, as the sole purpose of the night is to find a girl willing to go home with them. This guy definitely has a "pull chart" on the wall of their flat, right along side the "chunder chart"; let's hope it happens in that order.

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The Guy Who Refuses to Accept His Age

We've all seen this guy on a night out and don't know whether to feel sorry for them, embarrassed for them, or just completely creeped out by them. Still dressed head to toe in their smart work attire, they hang around the bar, watching as the night goes on, making it very clear that they "can't drink like they used to". They always deliver the classic line "Can I buy you a drink?" to which you always say "Yes", and then continue to avoid them for the rest of the night.

The Alternative Guy

The further away from concert square you get, the longer the length of hair and the baggier the clothes get. If you make your way down Seel Street and into Lagos or The Jacaranda, you will find a different breed of guy. This guy probably seems older and is cooler than the guys back in concert square. But don't be fooled, they can often turn out to be the cocky kind of confident, or a fuck boy playing the nice guy. He's always seen nursing a bottle of Sol in one hand and a fag in the other, wearing a denim jacket and docs.

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The Posh Boy

Definitely sporting a preppy Ralph Lauren polo with a fitted blazer, this guy will spotted stumbling around town. They either went too far at pre's, assuming drinks would be too expensive out, or they went too far in Ca Va because they couldn't believe a shot of tequila is only £1. Not yet accustomed to the weather or the prices up North, this guy will certainly look like a fish out of the Mersey.

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The lads lads lads guy

This guy has one mission tonight, and that is to get absolutely smashed with the lads. He will be with a group of rowdy guys on a Wednesday night social for Rugby. He deffo went too far at pre’s and got dared to drink something unimaginably gross, probably out of a shoe. He’s pure muscle from all the Rugby training, and a group of these lads can be quite daunting, but they’re mostly harmless. Just watch with amusement as they stumble around concert square in some ridiculous outfit chanting “lads lads lads”.

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The gay best friend

This is the guy we all want, and need, to find on a night out. He won’t try and get in your pants but he will tell you how fabulous you look. This guy will dance the night away with you to Beyonce and will definitely attempt the Dirty Dancing lift with you in McCooley's, which you will almost 100% fail and end up on the floor. By the end of the night, you will declare that you love him and will have found a brand new best friend in him.