Vote for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

Only you can decide who makes it to the final

The competition is heating up and we’re finally onto the second round. Show me what you got!

Oli Wilson, 2nd year, Criminology

Fighting crime and pulling birds; Oli is our champion. This cutie patootie’s favourite drink varies between a classic G&T and a beer with the lads, depending on if he’s feeling sophisticated or feels like releasing his inner lad. At the end of a long week at uni, you will find Oli painting Concert Square red, hollering ‘JAEGERBOMBS ALL ROUND’ to any and everyone whos game for a night out. This ‘BNOC with the gals’ has our vote!

Tom Willet, 2nd year, English & Politics

Tom is known as Willet (or marron man, due to his largely ‘ox-blood’ wardrobe) amongst friend, but what’s in a name when you’re a regular Romeo? On a regular Friday Tom will typically be found blowing the bank at Pizza Pronto after a night out that he never even intended to have. A little known fact about Tom is that his passion for the arts goes further than literature, and he is in fact a self-taught grade 8+ guitarist. If there’s anything better than a creative man, it’s a creative man with pizza. Tom will provide. Willet 4 eva <3

Will Allwood, 3rd year, Veterinary Science

Well call me a cow and give me foot and mouth – How Will is single we’ll never know, but one thing’s for certain and that’s that I’m booking myself in for a check-up at the vets! His favourite colour is blue, like his eyes *faints* and has confessed his love for a good single malt when it comes to beverage of choice. After a long week of lectures, he loves nothing more than a  trip to the local for a few pints with the boys to try and forget it all, before a quick game of hungover rugby the next day. Need I say more?

We’re still accepting applicants for Liverpool’s most eligible bachelor. You can submit your nominations here, but before you do be sure to vote for your heat two favourite: