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Why second year is so much better than first year

Contrary to belief, it does get better


Being a fresher is unlike anything else. You will feel every emotion under the sun in what feels like both the slowest and fastest year of your life. But the emotional rollercoaster that is first year will inevitabley come to an abrupt end.

Minus the fact second year actually counts to your degree, the supposed reason you are actually in uni in the first place, second year trumps. But I thought being a fresher was the best year of your life you may ask? Well heres why it gets better…

You actually have friends

Yeah, thats a biggie. You're no longer being submerged into the deep sea that is uni on your own, at least you have your pals to drown in deadlines with you. You know what they like, they know what you like. You know how to easily convince them to go to a Juicy Tuesday, they know not to buy you anymore quad vods in Faculty. Makes life easier, doesn't it.

Say goodbye to halls

Thats right, no more small talk with your flatmates you never really knew anything about. No more screaming girls outside of your front door at 4am (most of the time) and no more having to climb 10 flights of stairs when your lift breaks. Moving to the wonders of Smithdown or Kensington makes you feel like you're in a different world, but somewhere which you can really call home. Take away disputes with private landlords and freezing in your house because you and your housemates refuse to spend money on heating, and you will never look back on halls again.

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Friends and a house, it doesn't get much better

You know where you're going

No more having to google map every street in Liverpool, you've just about got to grips with where Hanover Street is. You and your mates can actually say somewhere to meet and no one is half an hour late because they 'got lost'. You are used to taking the bus and the 86 and 699 become your best friend (well kind of). Saves you money from all those taxis in first year though.

You're beginning to understand your course

Well kinda. You have some form of knowledge of what you are actually studying, and if you've come back for second year it must be worth sticking it out. You understand your lecturers cringe jokes and have learnt to laugh with them if you want that 2:1.

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You're now an expert when it comes to the pool

You know where a good night out is

First year is all about trial. Do I want to get sweaty in The Raz, or get cheesy on Level 3? Probably neither. But there will most definitley be something for you in Liverpool. And by second year, you know exactly where not to waste your money.

You learn to say no to a night out

Or do you? FOMO is one of the biggest dangers of first year. You're still in the process of making friends and not wanting to miss out on those all important crucial bonds with people that you have absolutely nothing in common with. Second year you don't give a toss. If you wanna stay in with a cuppa whilst your housemates are losing all their inhabitions in Heebies, you go for it sista.

Or maybe one more night out won't hurt

You have just about grasped living without your parents

You've had a year learning to live without your parents cooking and cleaning, and you've just about got the hang of it. You're still a bit rusty around the edges, but you've moved onto learning how to cook pasta rather than a ready meal 7 days a week.

Being a fresher is so much fun, don't get me wrong. But second year is really the year you start to call Liverpool home, and uni life starts to get that bit much better.