Liverpool titled seventh most welcoming city in Britain

Liverpool was also the tenth most friendly city in Britain

As part of Provident’s Unbroken Britain community survey cities are ranked and rated on eight factors: welcoming, friendliness, politeness, safety, area up keep, trust, happiness, and and gossip.

Liverpool has been ranked the seventh most welcoming city in Britain increasing from a rating of 6.56 in March 2017 to 6.96 in September 2017. On the welcoming scale the city is followed by Gloucester and Wolverhampton.

Liverpool came in at tenth for friendliness followed by Brighton and Hove as well as Chelmsford. In the other rankings Liverpool is rated 12th for politeness and gossip, 16th for trust, 20th for happiness, 24th for safety, and 25th for up keep.

Wrexham came first for friendliness and welcoming.

The survey allows you to see how neighbourly your city is as well as if it’s improved over the last few months. Those thinking of moving or picking a university can work out where they’d be best suited or where to avoid according to the residents of each city.