Liverpool student breaks down in tears after receiving exam results

Her reaction left her Dad wondering if they were ‘good or bad’

A video has emerged showing the moment a student received her university results and broke down in tears of happiness.

The clip shows Laura Egerton, 21, discovering her exam results after finishing her degree in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. The student cried in a state of shock leaving her family confused as to whether she’d done well or not.

Laura’s worried Father questions ‘Is that good or bad’ before she reads out multiple marks that are firsts. The Psychology student continues to worry in the video, exclaiming ‘What if I haven’t got a first still? I don’t understand what it says.’

This is shortly followed by the reveal that ‘It says classification one!’ as her father and boyfriend go to hug her.

Her father Paul King, 44, told MailOnline ‘We’re really, really proud of her. Every time I spoke to Laura on a Friday night she was in the library working.

‘But when I was at university I never did that. So her hard work paid off tremendously.’