There is a puppy room coming to the Guild



On Monday 8th May, a puppy room is coming to Mountford Hall as part of Wellbeing Week. The dogs are being brought from Guide Dogs UK to help all of us destress and relax before exam period.

The event reads: “Throughout the day we have a mix of working guide dogs, retired guide dogs and puppies in the room with their handlers. It is important that you are relaxed and calm around the dogs and don’t make any loud noises. Feel free to ask the handlers questions, they are all volunteers for Guide Dogs and are really looking forward to meeting you and telling you about their dog and the charity. Please listen to any advice they give you regarding the dog and the handling of such.

“By taking part in this event today, you are helping to change lives. We rely entirely on public donations, so we do have buckets on hand today and look forward to receiving any donations you would like to give.”

You’re not allowed to bring food or toys unfortunately, but photos are permitted.

Slots are available all day, book one here, and get more info here.