The ‘Shoebox of Love’ donation campaign for the Homeless is back for Christmas

It has been organised by Help the Homeless society with help from Fem Soc


Next week on the 23rd of November there is going to be a ‘Shoebox full of Love appeal’ in the Guild hosted by Help the Homeless society with help from Fem Soc.

The details of the event say:

The shoebox full of love appeal is a festive campaign to help the homeless and vulnerable people of Merseyside. All you need to do is decorate a shoebox and pack it with love and essentials for the Christmas period! Feminist society will be working with help the homeless society to provide information about the appeal as well as a crafts session to decorate the shoeboxes and write and draw beautiful Christmas messages. Hope to see you all there!
The event will be held in the Elizabeth Gidney room 2.”

The society have provided a handy list of recommended items

The ‘Shoebox full of Love appeal’ is a Liverpool wide annual event set up in 2014 that aims to help the homeless community around Liverpool. Through Help the Homeless Society’s event, students can donate clothes, wash products, books, dog toys or prepaid travel tickets to the homeless.

Beth Meadows, president of Help the Homeless society, said:

The Shoebox Full of Love Appeal is a perfect example of the beauty of Liverpool: solidarity, compassion and love. We try our very best to look after those who need it in this city and Help the Homeless Society are so proud to be a part of that. We are also delighted that our Breakfast Kitchen project has been named as one of the beneficiaries for this year.”

The items can be donated separately or multiple items can be donated in a wrapped shoebox or gift bag. At the society craft event, students will be able to make and decorate shoe boxes to put their donations in.

All packaging must be left unsealed so the volunteers can check donations before distributing them before the products are taken to one of 26 drop off points across Merseyside.