Phil Mitchell is hitting up LEVEL this month

This is not a drill

east enders level liverpool night out phil mitchell

Your eyes don’t deceive you. The one and only Steve McFadden – aka Phil Mitchell to his (many, nationwide) fans – is venturing out of Albert Square for a meet and greet in Liverpool in November.

The TV legend’s appearance was announced on Facebook on Friday. Cool It sent hundreds of students into a soap-land fan frenzy with the game-changing news; branding his visit as something “very different”. You can say that again, boys.

Among his many storylines, Phil Mitchell has survived prison, attempted murder and even slept with his brother’s wife (low blow, Phil). But can he handle the students of Liverpool? . You can find out on Wednesday 23rd November, when you can meet and greet the Square’s biggest bad-boy, taking you far beyond your wildest soap-star dreams.

We spoke to some students, asking them what they thought about this unheard of,  iconic opportunity. Second year English student Toby summed up his excitement:

“I can’t wait to see Phil Mitchell in Level, what a combination. I’m a huge Eastenders fan and I hope he does the whole appearance character. I’ll be front of the queue on Wednesday”.

While third year Law student Laura added, “I’ll be getting absolutely ‘Phil Mitchell’ed'”.

We’ll catch you at the bar Laura.