The ultimate guide to Gay Clubbing in Liverpool

A little bit scandalous, but baby, don’t let them see it

Forget Concert Square, the true heart of Liverpool’s nightlife on Saturday night is located at the end of the rainbow: Stanley Street Quarter. It is where students, locals, drag queens and anything in between, come together to party the night away, in a place where everyone is welcome. With the boss drinks deals and variety of music, once you go gay, you’ll never go back. For many students however, they simply don’t know which places are the best to boogie to some Madonna before gurning their tits off to some deep house. Have no fear, gay town is full of some of the best places to get down and dirty in.

Superstar Boudoir

Superstar defines Gay Town. It is by far the most fun bar in Stanley Street Quarter, becoming legendary for its no frills atmosphere alongside only the sassiest songs being played. Cheap drinks alongside free entry means this place will always be the destination for the start of every night out you have. Drag queens are constantly reading the audience, picking you out for getting with everyone in the room and judging your music requests. There is just something about Superstar that just brings out either the inner slut or inner mess, and it’s glorious. Superstar is what gay clubbing is all about.


Superstar is the epitome of gay town


After the drug bust last year, this huge capacity venue has had a massive turn around. Still retaining its debaucherous nature, with 3 separate rooms consisting of a variety of noughties anthems, R&B and some deep house and garage in the basement. The most glamorous drag queens are out in force on a Saturday night here, and you’ll queue for a while to get in, but its wild, ‘anything goes’ atmosphere is worth it. Head down the yellow brick road that is Eberle St (legit actual yellow brick) and party away with students and locals together.


we love you garlands we do


The only place to go when you’re too drunk to function and need to carry on partying. You’ll be lured in by the woman with a big ass plaque saying ‘OPEN UNTIL 7AM’ and you’ll be more than willing to pay the obscene amounts ‘just for another hour or so.’ Get in the cages, get your shuffle on and start partying until the sun comes up; or until your mate has thrown up all over the toilets and you’ve decided enough is enough.


Head to GBar,  opposite Garlands, to carry on camping to some iconic gay anthems. After you pay the expensive entry (a fiver!!!), thankfully the drinks are cheap inside and the eclectic mix of music over 3 floors is just magical. The much revered Vivienne, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Ambassador, host the pop room and she often gets the crowd to split and “sissy that walk” towards the middle – legend. For those of you that head to gay town for the thumping bass music, the basement here is perfect to rave away your worries of your assignment due in on Monday.


Poste House

If the poppers have gone to your head and you need a rest bite from the manic glitter filled dance floors, take a detour to the Poste House. The vodka might be watery, but at 70p you can’t complain. For an old man atmosphere and velvet chairs that smell like cigars and whiskey, head for Cumberland Street. Legend has it, even Hitler was served here. Take from that what you will.


Keeping it relatively classy in Poste House


Navy bar is one of a few free gay clubs and prides itself as a lesbian bar, but if you can find them then let us know – cos it’s full of gay men. If you’re fed up of the cheesy chart music of Superstar and G-bar and want a more house vibe, then this is the place for you. Drinks can be pretty pricey though.


There are so many other bars in Stanley Street Quarter, but these are our recommendations for having the best night out possible. The Superstar-GBar-Heaven combination is a recipe for success as they are all so close to each other. We apologise in advance for the hangover/shame in the morning after, but it’s so worth it.