Vote now: The best dressed on campus

This weeks top ten freshest looks

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After last week’s snow scare, these campus style paraders are clutching onto their jumpers and coats for what is supposed to be spring. We’ve selected ten wardrobe gurus, caught weaving through our campus.

During this week of capricious weather, who do you think is retaining their style the most?

Lexi, Communications

Lexi rocks her oversized jersey, the fitting in tune with the ‘lazy oaf’ relaxed attitude, colour matching tote bag and crop black baggy pants. She knows how to keep cool, comfy and not cold.


Ochan, Genetics 

This sheepskin coat is wonderfully paired with a quirky blue-patterned shirt – could he have done any better? The hat matches the awesome tash and we love his understated grey suede boots. Watch out hipsters, this one’s on top.


Simons, Bio-Veterinary

Simons, girl, you have brightened up this day with your brilliant colour-overload. We love it. The statement red coat works so well with that funky yellow backpack. Tied in nicely with some fresh colourful kicks.


Megan, Criminology

Meg has laid back chic down to a T. Looking effortlessly sweet in that striped burgundy tee, with a hot fitted baby blue jacket. To finish her look she’s pulling off some no nonsense air force ones.


Erin, Geography

Erin is a real knock-out. She looks top notch in her sophisticated fur jacket, matching her furry black loafers. Her baggy jeans create a lovely mix of chic and casual with her black threads. We also loved her red leather bag.


Jane, Urban regeneration and Planning

Jane shows us how to pull off the don of black outfits. Her white trainers gleam in this spring sunshine. We love her puffy sleeves and roll neck.



Vincent, Urban regeneration and Planning

This casual outfit Vincent rocks is fit for any weather conditions. We love his cream wind-breaker, featuring a striped blue hood to stand out from his monochrome wear.


Madelaine, English & Media

Maddie is looking furry cool in her navy jumper and dark jeans. We like the contrast of tight bottoms with baggy top. The white superstars are always a winner too.

Oba, Sociology & Criminology

Smart definitely meets casual with Oba’s get-up. He’s sporting a V nice checked blazer with a tee, always a good combo. The suede tan shoes are pretty nice too.


Bethany, English Literature

Look at that swish bit of fur. That is one hell of a collar. Don’t let the cold stop you from wearing ripped jeans Beth, no way. The double jumper look is strong, especially the roll neck. We like.