Bored of concert square? Try taking your night out abroad

Take your drunken stories to the next level

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Most students have drunken stories about falling over in Heebies and getting an early taxi home, but occasionally you happen to get the directions wrong, and you find yourself waking up in a foreign country.

Trips to town which accidentally involve international travel make a great change from standard nights out as, let’s face it, there are only a certain number of times that you can stand in the Heebies smoking section in any given month. Or at least, that’s how I felt when I travelled between Liverpool and Paris and Rennes and Budapest on nights out that ended abroad.

Amsterdam baby

The fun starts when your mates decide to get a kebab and call a taxi home. Preferring a twenty minute walk in the blistering cold to paying £1 for a cab, you go for a walk, end up at the train station and think it would be top bants to get on a random train. Then, to keep up the momentum you get on a further train and end up abroad.  One ticket and you’re on holiday. Easy.

If you’re lucky you might get a free breakfast on train, giving you a cup of tea to stare into as you distract yourself from the small chasm you’ve just opened in your bank account, with thoughts of the amazing bantaaar of the journey. Hopefully you’ll have enough wifi to spread your adventure across five different social media outlets.

Not the best thing to read when hungover

On arriving abroad, you might realise you have mates in a different city of continental Europe – on a year abroad or just posh. You can contact them because they would just LOVE to catch up with you at 6am right? You head to the relevant city to meet them, getting another train to some other country, ignoring your rapidly shrinking bank balance.

At this point you are reassured by the local football fan vomming in the corner of the carriage as you are no longer the most smashed person on the train – thank god. Who even travels sober anyway?

This is better than LEVEL and you know it

Obviously, once you get to said exotic location, the only way you can finish the journey is in another club. Classic.

There’s no point attempting to fit in some sight-seeing: there isn’t time. Just meet up with your mates and go to the club. You appreciate the party more than you normally would as you are able to compare and contrast different partying cultures and also will we able to pick up a bottle of export strength vodka in duty-free. Bargain.

I swear the Smithdown Road doesn’t have a tower on it, oh wait….

Think it sounds pointless? But then, when were you actually going to end up in Paris, experiencing the Eiffel Tower through beer goggles, unless you take that slim opportunity? That next assignment can wait, it’s not due for four days anyway and the change in time zone brought on by your night out will give a few extra hours to finish it anyway. Thirdly, if you’re going to get cold, drunk and spend a stupid amount of money at 3am, at least make it a memorable experience – Eurostar to France over the 699 to LEVEL any day.