Randomer gives the cutest Staffy to second year for free

‘He’s kind of like my best friend’

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A humble Business student has a friend for life after a stranger gave him his unwanted dog.

The second year was walking down Smithdown Road when he stopped to stroke Rocky, a Staffy, outside Mini Amsterdam.

His owner then asked James Sargeant, who’s from Herefordshire, if he’d mind keeping him, as he wanted to get rid but no shelter would take poor Rocky.

James says he is “blessed”, and couldn’t imagine life without his new pet and “best friend”.

James and Rocky, photographed by Louis Leon Bever

James told The Tab: “It was a Saturday morning, me and my housemate Yemi were coming out of Mini Amsterdam on Smithdown and these two guys were outside the shop with a dog.

“One was Manc, and the other from Africa. I was like ‘aww’ and started stroking the dog.

“They told me his name was ‘Rocky’ and asked if I liked him, and if I wanted him.

“I was like ‘what?’, and then they explained they were moving house to Manchester.”

Rockstar Rocky

The guys told James all the shelters in Liverpool were full, and after wandering round the park all morning hoping someone would take him, they were stuck as to what they were going to do.

James added: “If I didn’t stop to stroke him, none of this would have happened.

“They asked me if I was a student and if would still be around next year, which they were relieved to hear.”

But not everyone was as ecstatic as James to have a new pet.

His housemates were anxious at first, as were his parents, at the thought of having a random dog around.

“Two of my housemates, Darius and Nial, weren’t happy when I first brought him home, but now we all take turns to walk him.

“I didn’t tell my parents for a while, until I was driving on the motorway on my way home.

“I was half an hour away and I sent my mum a text saying ‘I’ve got a big surprise for you’.

James and Rocky, photographed by Louis Leon Bever


“So I got home, and my parents were like, ‘what’s this surprise then?’, and I told them I’d go and get it from the car.

“My dad’s initial reaction was ‘it’s a bloody dog’, but he was being nice to Rocky.

“My mum wasn’t happy though. She was on the other sofa and didn’t speak for like three minutes.

“But by the next day, my parents were playing with him on floor. It didn’t take long, he’s sick.”

James, who had a dog when he was growing up, said Rocky is a “blessing”, even if he does like a play fight.

He said: “He bit me on the arm once, but obviously he’s just playing. He’s a good dog.

“He actually is a sick dog, it’s a bit like a blessing. He’s so affectionate”.

Morning kisses


And Rocky is even famous on Smithdown, with neighbour Alice Marten walking him nearly every day.

The Psychology student said: “Rocky is honestly the friendliest, cutest dog in the world.

“He’s wee’d on my bike cover multiple times, and his farts can be suffocating, but he really is part of the family now.

“We wouldn’t have him any other way.”

James added: “He’s kind of like my best friend.”