Tea is the only drink you’ll ever need

It’s the Queen’s go-to bevvy

When faced with a never-ending choice of drinks on your supermarket sweep, tea is the obvious winner: it’s cheap and delicious and you look a million dollars when you drink it.

Tea is quite simply the best invention ever. With the help of a kettle, the little bags of goodness create a yummy and healthy drink to spice up your life. The ridiculous number of flavours to choose from mean that you’re always spoilt for choice, even if you’re not a fan of the classic brew.

Get a good deal and you could buy a box of teabags to last you a whole semester, and only for a couple of quid – ridiculously cheap.

True love

Drinking this winning invention is the most assured way of jumping a social class at uni, and will get you right in there if you’re looking to pull a posh bird/bloke but consider yourself unworthy. Grab a cup of tea and your respectability skyrockets.

The Queen is constantly drinking it and everyone loves her.


The Queen would be proud

The drink raises your game on other levels too. The mix of water (necessary for living) and caffeine (necessary for making a 9am) is the perfect combo to keep you going through last-minute essay writing and all-nighters in the library.

What about coffee? Rival hot bevvy coffee is nowhere near as good as tea. With tea you can carry emergency bags with you everywhere, prepared for anything. Imagine the mess filtered coffee would make of your lecture notes.

Cups of tea are associated with relaxing. Who ever says “I’ll put the kettle on” and is really talking about coffee? And no one says “fancy a cuppa” and means a cup of coffee, it’s just not done.

For the hardcore tea fans, you can even get inventive and add other ingredients to it just for shits and giggs. Examples include sugar, honey, lemon, or even vodka if you can’t part with your mug for pre-drinks.

They think there’s alcohol in here

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, do it now – screw the haters.

The upper-class lifestyle isn’t for everyone and they’re probably all coffee-drinkers anyway.